Best Massage Therapist in Kendall

Start the Summer off Right with One of Our Specialty Massages!

Best Massage Therapist in Kendall

Summer is quickly on its way, so being rested and relaxed to enjoy it is important. Too much stress and worry, especially during Summer, can have adverse health effects and make you depressing to be around. It is time to enjoy the sun and outdoors with your friends and family, not be stressed. At Evolv Wellness, we have the Best Massage Therapist in Kendall who can make all of your stress melt away. Our Ayurvedic massages will relieve tension in your body while letting you mentally relax and feel whole once again.

Our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall will use special Ayurveda oils that will stimulate your energy flow and help your mind be more at ease. If you are feeling pains in your body, a reflexology treatment may be for you. By using the ancient technique of massaging certain points in the foot, you can begin to feel better inside and out. Our treatments not only focus on the well-being of the body but on the mind and spirit as well. We aim to provide a holistic approach to health that many other places seem to not take into account.

Hot Stone

Another popular spa treatment is our hot stone massage. Using stones heated in essential oils, placing them on specialized points on your body, you can begin to feel the healing effect and calming effect on your mind. If you have had trouble sleeping then this treatment is just right for you. At Evolv Wellness, our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall knows all of the right points on your body to release energy and make you feel calm. When you leave you will feel much more rested and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy your Summer to its fullest extent with your friends and family.

At Evolv Wellness, our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall is ready to provide you with the right massage for you. If you have been feeling tensed and stressed recently, then an Ayurvedic massage may be the thing that you need. We have a variety of treatments for whatever kind of relief you are in need of.

Acupuncture Miami

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