What’s CBD Madness All About?

CBD is the new craze, but why? If you haven’t tried this all-natural treatment, you should consider it, as it has an array of incredible health benefits. But don’t worry—taking CBD oil and gummies is legal and has become a widely accepted alternative to traditional medicine.

What is CBD?


CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in medical marijuana. After THC, it’s one of the most essential parts of the marijuana plant, and it can be used in everything—from balms to edibles to body oils. 


Scientists and researchers have found many benefits to using this form of medical marijuana for physical and mental health, and it doesn’t even have to include getting high. 


CBD has many benefits and positive effects

  • helping your body maintain homeostasis
  • better your mood
  • balance your hormones
  • help your sleeping patterns
  • decrease pain
  • increase appetite


A common misconception about CBD is that because it’s a form of marijuana, it automatically gets you high, which is not the case. Think of CBD as any other medicinal drug, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the other main chemical compound of marijuana that actually makes you experience that feeling of being high, and it’s usually achieved by smoking or consumption through edibles


Because of these psychoactive effects, THC does indeed have its benefits of increased appetite, relaxation, a decrease in aggression, and an increased ability to sleep. However, it’s effects are not the same as those of CBD.


Although CBD’s chemical compound does have traces of THC in it, it is much too small to get you high. Researchers have yet to find CBD’s adverse effects, so this chemical is a safe and natural way to help with your mental health and wellness. 


Most CBD products come in either oils or edibles, and our team at Evolv Wellness has developed both an oil and a gel that can help you with relaxation and relieving body aches and pains.


One example of a popular edible is CBD gummies, which are a fun and delicious way to incorporate the CBD into your wellness plan when you’re extra stressed out or feeling anxious. By calming you down and making you feel more relaxed, CBD is perfect for improving your sleep, mood, and thoughts. 


While there are many other pain relievers and relaxers on the market, many medical drugs can have harsh side effects, making you feel worse. Therapy doesn’t work for everyone, and neither do many medications, so why not give CBD products a shot? 


Many people who suffer from anxiety and chronic physical pain have experienced excellent results from using CBD as a natural form of medication, so try out some CBD gummies, edibles, or oils; you might be surprised!


CBD Oil: Benefits & Effects


Our CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, a high-quality CBD oil, is 1500mg of Full Spectrum CBD. This mixture, formulated by our doctors, is made with a base of MCT oil and flavored with lemon oil to make it completely edible and tastebud friendly! The CBD oil benefits and effects include:

  • Instilling a sense of calm and tranquility
  • Supporting healthy sleep cycles
  • Helping to speed up the inflammatory response mechanism from overworking or exercise


With just three ingredients, this all-natural CBD oil is vegan and perfect as a dietary supplement. We recommend adults take five drops to ½ dropper at bedtime or as desired during the day after meals or as advised by your healthcare practitioner. 


Be sure to consult your physician before using this product if you have or suspect a medical condition, taking prescription drugs, pregnant or lactating.


Our CBD Relief Gel is very effective in alleviating the body from discomfort and inflammatory conditions. Like other over-the-counter pain relievers, its analgesic nature is suitable for muscles and joints to bring you relief from repetitive motion as well as excessive sports usage. 


Formulated by our doctors, this mixture is made with a base Full Spectrum CBD, inflammatory herbs, menthol, and arnica. Like our CBD oil, this is an entirely vegan, natural formula. The CBD gel benefits and effects include:

  • Helping to speed up the inflammatory response mechanism from overworking or exercise
  • Supporting rapid pain relief
  • Supporting healthy circulation


Our CBD Relief Gel is also formulated with natural, essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, and rosemary leaf extract. When using this gel, apply the CBD-hemp topical formula to the desired area. While everyone’s body is different, it’s not uncommon for the hemp salve to immediately begin its work, alleviating pain and discomfort. This gel can be applied numerous times during the day or frequently until the desired results are experienced.


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