CBD Gummies Can Work Magic On Your Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization, almost half of people with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety. At Evolv Wellness, we don’t just focus on your physical health; we also genuinely care about your mental health. Our team believes in the many benefits of medical marijuana, especially in fun edibles like CBD gummies! CBD for stress and CBD for anxiety can work wonders for your mental well-being.

What’s CBD?

CBD is essentially a chemical compound found in medical marijuana, and it stands for cannabidiol. After THC, it’s one of the most essential parts of the marijuana plant, and it can be used in everything—from balms to edibles, to body oils. Scientists and researchers have found many benefits to using this form of medical marijuana for both physical and mental health, and it doesn’t even have to include getting high. By helping your body maintain homeostasis, better your mood, balance your hormones, help your sleeping patterns, decrease pain, and increase appetite, CBD for stress and CBD for anxiety is just a small fraction of everything this chemical compound has to offer.

A common misconception about CBD is that because it’s a form of marijuana, it automatically gets you high, which is simply not the case. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the other main chemical compound of marijuana that actually makes you experience that feeling of being high, and it’s usually achieved by smoking or consumption through edibles. Because of these psychoactive effects, THC does indeed have its own benefits of increased appetite, relaxation, a decrease in aggression, and an increased ability to sleep. However, it’s effects are definitely not the same as those of CBD.

Although this chemical compound does have traces of THC in it, it is much too small to get you high. Researchers have yet to find negative effects of CBD, so this chemical is a safe and natural way to help with your mental health. Because most products with this come in either oils or edibles, recommend taking your pick and using what’s best for you.

Marijuana leaves, seeds, and oils on display next to each other. CBD is part of the marijuana plant.

CBD for Stress and Anxiety

CBD gummies, for example, are a fun and delicious way to incorporate the chemical into your diet when you’re extra stressed out or anxious. Although stress and anxiety are not the same, edibles and other forms of CBD treat the symptoms, both stress and anxiety have in common. By calming you down and making you feel more relaxed, CBD is perfect for when you’re in the middle of an episode of anxiety or stress. By improving your sleep, mood, and thoughts, CBD for stress and CBD for anxiety is great, no matter if it comes in a handful of gummy bears or a bar of chocolate.

CBD for Depression

Probably the most common mental illness, depression is something we take very seriously here at Evolv. As a mood disorder that causes emotional distress, poor sleep, feelings of fatigue and low self-esteem, and even suicidal thoughts, there are dozens of treatments for depression out there, but many medical drug-related ones can have harsh side effects that can make you feel worse.
Therapy doesn’t work for everyone, and neither do many medications, so why not give CBD products a shot? Many people who suffer from depression have experienced amazing results from using CBD as a natural form of medication, so try out some CBD gummies, you might be surprised!

Man struggling with depression looking outside a window on a rainy day.

CBD Gummies at Evolv Wellness

Our CBD Gummies are great for giving you the relaxation and reduced stress levels you need while also supplementing your body with vitamins. Our other options of CBD for stress and CBD for anxiety are our CBD Oil Extract and our CBD Pain Relief Gel. Check out our website for more information!



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