Trust Us, Incorporating A Facial Serum Into Your Daily Routine Is Exactly What You Need

With so many products on the market today, it can feel impossible to know what you should and should not be incorporating into your daily routine. If you go by everyone’s recommendations, you could spend an hour every morning in the bathroom applying a whole host of products! Of course, this is never going to have the desired effect. However, one product you need to use as a part of your daily routine is a hyaluronic acid serum. Here’s how our Pure Muddy Facial Serum can benefit you in the long run.

Why use a Facial Serum?


  • They work – There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that a facial serum works! They contain the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can receive without a prescription. You can expect around 70 percent of active ingredients. Compare this with moisturizers and cleansers, which have between 5 and 10 percent active ingredient. We’re positive you can see a big difference. This means you have a much higher chance of getting the results you are looking for, no matter whether you want to get rid of dark spots, firm the skin, brighten, reduce fine lines, or even tone.
  • Achieve a less oily complexion – Another benefit associated with using a facial serum is that you can expect a less oily complexion. When we feel our skin getting oily, moisturizing is the last thing we want to do because we feel like we are only adding more fuel to the fire! However, what happens if you don’t apply moisturizer is that your skin will overproduce oil, as the sebaceous glands go into overdrive. This is where serums come in. They are faster and lighter to absorb than a moisturizer, and so your skin will stay hydrated without getting that greasy feeling that we all hate. 
  • Fewer breakouts – Another benefit associated with using a serum is that you can expect fewer breakouts. This is music to the ears of anyone who has skin that is prone to acne. Unlike traditional moisturizers, which can block your pores, the serum you use does not leave any residue behind that encourages a breakout.
  • No fillers – If you have skin that is prone to breakouts or is sensitive, you will know that it is essential to avoid cheap occlusive agents, like petroleum and mineral oil. Facial Serums do not contain any of these, as they are designed to be a delivery system. Their goal is to make sure that the active ingredients, for example, the beneficial minerals, vitamins, stem cells, and peptides, get past your skin’s outer layer so they can deliver greatness deep down.

Facial Serums at Pure Muddy

As you can see, many benefits are associated with using a facial serum. Our brand is composed of 100% natural ingredients, making our serum a perfect addition to your daily routine. Through continued use, you’re able to see the difference in elasticity, softness, and brightness of your skin. At Pure Muddy, we take pride in creating quality products that can provide the benefits you need. For more information on our facial serum and other products, click here!