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When taking a natural, holistic approach to healthcare, the focus is to treat the root cause of the illness, as opposed to the treatment of purely the symptoms. Every patient is viewed as an individual, whose well-being is affected by lifestyle decisions, nutrition, emotions, attitude, and environment. Your needs can be as unique as your own fingerprints!

Evolv Wellness aims to provide the best services possible in order to support the well-being of their patients. The center offers the best acupuncture in Kendall and other natural remedies. The insightful staff is adept at informing and educating patients about a healthy and mellifluous lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Additionally, acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners are able to stimulate specific areas on the body primarily by inserting small needles through the skin. Considered an essential part of medicinal treatment in Eastern parts of the world for thousands of years, how the ancient technique’s methodology works still remains somewhat of a mystery in the West.

Whatever the mechanisms may be, acupuncture works on a variety of levels, for a variety of ailments. Real evidence is out there that acupuncture can ease back pain, and treat ailments ranging from migraines to osteoarthritis.

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture connects to the belief that disruptions to energy flow in the body cause disease. Acupuncture stimulates points on or under the skin (the acupoints) releasing these energies.

The Methodology

The technique of acupuncture involves placing hair-thin needles in various pressure points (or acupoints) throughout the body. The stimulation of these acupoints promotes the body’s natural healing capabilities and enhances its function. Heat and electrical stimulation can enhance treatment effects as well.

Acupuncture primarily produces its effects through the regulation of the nervous system. Because of this, regulation boosts the activity of pain-killing biochemicals like endorphins and immune system cells. Studies have even shown that acupuncture can alter brain chemistry by rerouting neurotransmitters and neurohormones!

This affects the areas of the central nervous system related to sensation and involuntary body function. For example, immune reactions, blood pressure regulation, blood flow, and body temperature.

A Melding of the East and West

The differences of opinion between the Eastern and Western methodologies are many. The Chinese philosophy heavily based on the balance between “yin” and “yang.” When these forces are in perfect balance, the body is healthy. The bodily energies or “qi” mentioned earlier flow like rivers along pathways called meridians, throughout the entire body. This energy flow keeps yin and yang in balance and harmony.

On the other hand, the Western view takes a far more scientific approach. The thought is that by stimulating the brain and spinal cord, acupuncture helps to release pain dulling chemicals and boost immunities to help in regulating various bodily functions, and help with the maintenance of overall bodily help.

Why the Best Acupuncture in Kendall?

Feel like your life is on a roller-coaster that won’t ever stop? Suffering from insomnia, lying awake at night waiting for the sandman to appear? When was the last time you felt at peace or even took time out of your life for yourself? If any of these questions resonate with you, then the best acupuncture in Kendall might be the answer you’re looking for.

Insomnia, anxiety and depression, allergies, migraines, menstrual issues, and chronic pain can all be treated through the use of acupuncture. Addressing imbalances in your body, acupuncture encourages the brain to produce chemicals that may help you sleep or cause depression and anxiety.

The release and stimulation of these brain chemicals help to contribute to immunity-boosting properties within the body. Helping to combat allergy symptoms by focusing on the energetic meridians associated with your immune system.

These immunity-boosting properties can also be valuable as preventative medicine. Using acupuncture regularly can ensure that your immune system is operating in tip-top fashion, and ensure your body and spirit are ready for whatever sickness or ailment may be coming!

With the multitude of ways acupuncture can help you, what are you waiting for? Get on the path to a clean and balanced, healthy life with the best acupuncture in Kendall treatment!

The Right Practitioner

Acupuncture is about more than just the science of inserting needles. It includes the understanding of the physical body and the harmonization of physical functions, in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of nature, and environmental and planetary influences.

Experiencing these traditions on such a transcendent level, and achieving an absolute level of harmony and relaxation can often be a life-changing experience. This level of balance of both body and mind can open the doors to the true meanings of life. Therefore finding a proper practitioner to help guide and facilitate you on your journey can be paramount.

Evolv Wellness excels, offering not only the best acupuncture in Kendall but striving, on the whole, to provide the best possible services to support the well-being of their patients. Utilizing the core principles of these ancient traditions, Evolv brings a streamlined and refined variety of services, products, and education, in addition to providing the best acupuncture in Kendall.

Get on the Path to Achieving Your Health Goals

Evolv acupuncturists bring decades of experience in helping to identify and achieve your health aspirations. Highly skilled in the arts and sciences related to healing, the Evolv professionals believe in empowering patients through education.

The first step in the formulation of a solid health plan is the formation of a personalized, and long-term healing relationship. Using a natural and holistic approach, we listen to the needs of the individual person, formulating the best possible customized treatment.

Your body deserves the Best Acupuncture in Kendall! Evolv Wellness strives to provide the best therapies and acupuncture. Call us today at (305) 596-0858 to make an appointment.