Three Ayurvedic Tips for Staying Healthy This Fall

This fall, more than ever, people are concerned about staying healthy. Maintaining your body’s health requires more than just annual check-ups at the doctor’s office or some OTC medication. At Evolv Wellness in Miami, we believe in health from the inside out, and Ayurveda has many holistic treatments that do just that!


Support Your Immune System With Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is one of the most potent tonic herbs in Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. It’s been promoted as an excellent herb for the nervous system and overall vitality, and it’s commonly used by both elders and individuals who engage in physical activities and exercise often. 


This potent anti-stress and anxiety herb is also very effective in boosting adrenal functions and keeping hormonal levels in a balanced state. Also known as “Indian Ginseng”, Ashwagandha is also used to enhance mental functions, boost your immune system, and is also key in supporting a healthy thyroid function. 


This immune-boosting supplement contains absolutely no fillers, no binders, and no heavy metals. It’s a great all-natural supplement to take daily to support your immune system. Our ashwagandha root capsules are also completely free of nuts, eggs, shellfish, and other common allergens. 


In addition to maintaining these high standards of quality, testing is performed after every critical stage of production to ensure our products contain no adulterants, solvent residues, aflatoxins, microbiological pathogens, and heavy metals such as mercury. 


All of this is done in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements, as stipulated by the regulating bodies and supported by our manufacturing facilities. It’s often quite difficult to find supplements that check all of the boxes that our supplements do, as many famous capsules contain extra ingredients to make more money by putting less of the ingredients they claim their capsules have. 


At Evolv Wellness, we want to give our customers only the best of Ayurveda in Miami, which is why our supplements, like Ashwagandha, only contain the best and most effective ingredients to provide you with benefits like healthy energy, immune system support, endurance, and calmness. We recommend taking this one or two capsules as a dietary supplement twice a day after meals or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


Healthy Digestion With Triphala

Triphala is known as one of the top three herbs in Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, as it’s one of three very profound ingredients that can regulate and balance the three doshas. On a Pitta dosha (digestive) level, it helps support a healthy digestive system without overworking or overheating the system. 


But on a Vata dosha basis, Triphala keeps the circulation regulated without over-stimulating the circulation or creating any form of build-up or blockage. For the Kapha dosha, Triphala works well in regulating the accumulation of masses, toxic masses, or toxicity. This is a gentle formula but is quite effective if you decide to use it long-term. 


Detoxify your system with Triphala Ayurveda supplements this fall, and give your body the support it needs for healthy digestion and healthy elimination. These Ayurveda supplements only contain three ingredients: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. Similar to our Ashwagandha supplements, we recommend adults take two capsules twice a day after meals or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.

Triphala is a natural Ayurveda supplement that can support your digestive system and keep you feeling healthy during the fall!

Help Your Blood Circulation With Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of Ayurveda that allows blood to flow more efficiently within some body regions. Often, athletes and individuals who exercise regularly will experience tension and soreness, and cupping therapy in Miami is a popular way to relax and ease the pain. 


The easier it is for the blood to travel throughout the body, the faster the healing process of a wounded or sore area will be. The process begins by using heat to create a suction effect on a specific muscle group. Once removed, the cup may leave an imprint similar to that of a bruise. 


However, as much as they may look like bruises, they are not the type that comes from trauma; they are used for a healing effect. Like any other form of physical therapy, cupping is meant to ease areas of your body that are in pain or give you feelings of discomfort. 


This, in turn, will speed up the process of recovery under your skin in that area of pain, something that your body might not be able to do on its own. Using a plastic, glass, bamboo, or silicone cup on top of the area, a vacuum effect suctions your skin and aims to improve the circulation of your blood and lymph in your tissues. 


There are many health benefits of cupping therapy, like how it will soothe your discomfort if you have a particular part of your body that hurts. But it can also have long-term benefits if you receive cupping therapy regularly. If you’re looking for the healing effects of a deep tissue massage but without the heavy pressure and firmness, cupping therapy can definitely be for you. There are plenty of places that offer cupping therapy in Miami, but the 3500-year-old treatment dates back to ancient China, Egypt, and other Middle East cultures. 


Since it’s been around for so long, the health benefits of cupping therapy are tried and true, which is why we believe in it here at Evolv Wellness. What also makes cupping so special is that it works on the meridians, which are energy paths across your entire body that connect to your tissues and organs. 


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