Celebrate Mom with a Stress Relieving Massage, She Deserves it!

Best Massage Therapist in Kendall

The job of a mother is fast-paced, hectic, and has no breaks or days off. It comes as no surprise when mothers seem stressed out. There are many stress relief techniques and therapies available, but none are as effective as Ayurvedic Massages. At Evolv Wellness, you can schedule your mother or wife an appointment with the Best Massage Therapist in Kendall to celebrate Mother’s Day! With a massage from us, she will begin to feel less stressed which can lead to many health benefits. Most of the time when we feel uneasy or unwell it can be traced back to stress.

An Ayurvedic massage utilizes the ancient Indian technique of using herbal oil to relieve stress. These herbal oils combined with our massage techniques will be able to make your mother or wife feel relaxed and can even lower her blood pressure among other benefits. Our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall knows all of the points on the body that will benefit most from being massaged. When having one of our massages, we want to help you feel not only physically relaxed but emotionally and mentally stress-free as well. Our holistic techniques work to make your entire self-feel rested and relaxed.  

Hot Stone

There are a variety of different massages that our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall offers that have different benefits for your body. The classic Indian head massage uses herbal oils massaged on your head to calm your nerves, helps with your flow of energy, and even nourishes your hair. Having a deep tissue massage is great for your mother or wife’s muscles and will help her feel more relaxed and calm. Wherever she needs relaxation, we have an Ayurvedic massage that is right for her. If you do not know which massages is right for her, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

At Evolv Wellness, we want to provide you with the best massages and therapies that will relieve stress and help your body feel relaxed. Our Best Massage Therapist in Kendall knows the right techniques to make sure your wife or mother feels the best she has in a while.

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Make sure she feels loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day by booking a massage today! Call us at (305) 596-0858 to schedule an appointment.