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Dosha Massage in Miami

Every day, our modern day world is becoming more and more accepting of the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. This form of healing focuses on a holistic approach and truly holds great benefits to balancing your life as a whole. The right Dosha Massage for your specific body type and emotional state could assist in helping you reach a state of complete relaxation and ease.

Too many individuals approach healing from a blanketed standpoint. Healthcare professionals will fill their waiting rooms with patients experiencing different forms and levels of pain in the body and prescribe the same medications and treatments in bulk. At Evolv, we do not believe that targeting your pain at the root can be solved with a simple pill or physical therapy session.

In order to truly understand and take control of your condition, you must form a deeper understanding of yourself on both a physical, mental and emotional level. The power of self-understanding is great and can be the stepping stone towards finding unique options that work for you.

The practice of Ayurveda techniques is comprised of wisdom left by the ancient sages to support our evolution in all aspects of life. It gives us a greater understanding of nature, nutrition, psychology, societal influences as well as our personality traits and how we can refine things so they compliment each other.

Our experts at Evolv often utilize something called the dosha to form a deeper understanding of our patients’ needs.

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Doshas are the subtle manifestation of the five elements within the cosmic interplay. It describes our congenital traits such as body shape and structure, emotional states, and eye color. On a physical level, it also manifests imbalances within the body through the by-product of disease in the form of nervousness, phlegm, inflammation, etc.

The most common understanding is the three Doshas. These three dynamic forces or biological characteristics are synergistic blends of the five elements in their individual capacities, exhibiting individualistic attributes in our lifestyle, behavior, and attitude.

You can take a quiz on our website to find out more information on your dosha through a series of personalized questions by clicking here. Once that has been determined, you will have a better idea of which of the following Dosha Massage is right for you:

  • Nirvana (Air)
  • Samadhi (Fire)
  • Moksha (Water)
  • Prana (Earth)
  • Ananda (Ether)

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