Dr. Zide Mooni OMD

More About The Doctor

With over 20 years of experience and service to the Miami-area, we realize the importance of providing our patients with the courteous, professional service they expect. Our approach involves the utilization of traditional and more modern Oriental Medicine Miami techniques to provide a comprehensive treatment that is individually suited to your problems.

Dr. Zide Mooni is an NCCA-certified physician, and one of the best Acupuncturist in Sunset who works closely with patients to make sure that they are receiving the best treatment possible for their problems. At our clinic, we work closely with our patients to truly understand the problems they are facing so that together we can develop a treatment plan that works best for them. After all, there are numerous treatments that can be used with varying degrees of success, and we try to pick out the best treatment plan for you.

“Serve as much as you can as quickly as you can, for all you have is the moment to create eternal happiness with the Supreme one.” Those were the last words of inspiration and direction for Dr. Zide by his mother. For at least 18 years, Zide has been practicing the healing sciences of India and China, but for the past 10 years Ayurveda has been his priority, to practice more and to create more awareness with his esteemed teachers.

Born in Trinidad of Rajastani – Indian and Malaysian heritage, Dr. Zide was raised by a family who was deeply rooted in farming, rice, sugar, vegetable and spices. His mother was a remarkable cook specializing in Authentic Indian cuisine with an island flair and also a very spiritual soul. His father still grows fruits, vegetables and spices and spends most of his time in meditation and prayer.

Zide’s grandmother was a gifted healer in Ayurvedic herbal medicine and bodywork therapy, as well as creating various decoction and remedies for the family and local villagers. She also practiced other therapies such as cupping, Nara diagnosis, massage as well as numerology, which had a great influence in his life.

His aunt (chachi) as well as other family members, were great healers in herbal as well as other Ayurvedic therapies, and kindly shared their knowledge with him. At a young age he was brought up in a tradition where the career choices by the family revolved around being a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. He chose engineering because he did not see it too fulfilling to study Western Medicine, since his mind was oriented in the olden traditions.

Dr. Zide studied martial arts with family members since he was 12 years old and at nineteen migrated to the US, with astrological and intuitive guidance from his grandmother. In the US at 20 years of age, he started studying Shaolin Eagle Claw martial arts with Grandmaster Fu Leong and Sifu Nee, and continued his in-depth study of Daoism and meditation practices. He then furthered his studies of Taoist Tai Chi as well as Chi Gung with Taoist masters and mentors from the US and Mainland China for about seven years which included an apprenticeship in Acupuncture, Nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine.

While pursuing his professional training, he supported himself by working in Operations and Sales positions for AT&T, UPS and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

In 1997, Zide met Professor Ganshyam Singh Birla and Vedic Astrologer Guylaine Vallee of the Birla Center of Vedic astrology, and a journey of learning, teaching and inner self development began in one of the most remarkable healing arts of Hast Jyotish (Vedic palmistry) and Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Currently, Dr. Zide is working with his esteemed teachers Professor Pandit Birla and Dearest teacher Guylaine Vallee in promoting the Ayurvedic arts of Vedic Astrology and Palmistry as well as focusing these arts and sciences on the health and healing aspects of the practice.

In 1998, his path crossed with Yogi Devakrsnanda and a deeper journey into meditation and Yogic (Ayurvedic) treatment ensued. At the passing of his mother in 2000, the last words and promise made to her was “to be totally and selflessly devoted to spirituality, providing the best and most effective treatment and education for patients and living a life based on simplicity and love”.

Dr. Zide has continued Yogic studies with Swami Tapeshwarananda, Yogi Satchananda and other Yogis whilst travelling and studying back and forth to India. Following his lifelong goal to bring these ancient sciences to modern times to benefit everyone in health and spirit, he graduated as an Ayurveda Physician as well as Naturopathic Physician in Calcutta, giving him the ability to propagate this science with deepest affection and respect. He prides himself in being a very professional and effective Acupuncturist in Sunset to all his customers, delivering acupuncture services to improve their overall health and tranquility. 

In 2000, he founded Seva Dharma Mission with the Yogis, a non profit organization geared towards charitable works which laid the foundation for the Seva Dharma Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine. This Institute will focus on creating awareness to both physical and spiritual healing aspects of Ayurveda as introduced by its founder Lord Shiva. Also, in 2004 Long life Remedies was founded to bring more effective herbal remedies for patients and the public.

In 2007, Dr. Zide teamed up with his dear friend and colleague in practice Dr. Lionel Gaskin Mayers to launch another line of products called Greens Best, for the treatment of Blood Sugar Imbalances, Anti-aging and Memory Disorder. Also in that year with the influence and assistance of the Yogis a dream came true with the launch of a Professional line of Ayurvedic supplements for health care practitioners.

In 2008, Mahima ™ professional Ayurvedic herbs were introduced to the Acupuncture National Conference as well as Florida State Conference. Also in 2007, the launch of Mahima™ Ayurveda Spa was introduced and is being focused on catering to inner and outer beauty utilizing Ayurveda Cosmetic and Panchakarma therapies.

Zide continues to study Ayurvedic medicine with his great aunt and in India with the Yogis and other teachers, as well as on applying the knowledge passed on to him from his grandmother. His Mission is to make Ayurveda a respected science for the betterment of humanity as intended by its founder Lord Shiva and also by his dedicated and respected teachers.