Ginseng Panax in Miami

What Is Ginseng Panax?

Ginseng Panax in Miami

Botanical and Common Names

  • Family Araliaceae
  • Panax ginseng (Chinese Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Oriental Ginseng, Five-fingers, Redberry, Ren Shen)
  • Panax quinquefolium (American ginseng, Pannag, Man Root, Finger Root)
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng)
  • Panax notoginseng (San Qi, Pseudoginseng)Ginseng Panax is available at the Evolv Wellness in Miami.


Do not take San Qi during pregnancy as it could adversely affect the fetus.

Avoid high doses of all varieties as patients report some side effects with high ginseng supplementation dosages. Very high doses can cause nausea, vomiting, insomnia, muscle tension, and fluid retention. Ginseng Panax in Miami is safe when used appropriately. However, the best advice is to start with a low dose and gradually increase after a few weeks, if necessary.

Patients should not take ginseng for more than several weeks without a break. Specialists intend for treatments in the short term. 

Do not use if hypertension is present.

Do not take it during extremely hot weather.

Ginseng should not be used by individuals with heart or thyroid disease, diabetes, or a history of migraines.

Avoid such stimulants as tea, green tea, coffee, and cola drinks when taking any ginseng.

Our team advises that people, especially men, under the age of forty not use American or Asian ginseng as they possess strong estrogenic effects. Siberian ginseng is a better choice for these individuals. Consistent use can interfere with sexual development. However, these indications primarily remain in individuals over the age of forty.

The strengths of Ginseng vary considerably in commercial preparations. One well-publicized study analyzed fifty-four ginseng products and found that one-quarter of them contained no ginseng at all, while others provided less than the stated amount. Some even contained dirt, fillers, and other substances. Therefore, be sure of your source.


Ginseng is native to northeastern China, eastern Russia, and North Korea. Nonetheless, it remains extremely rare to find in the wild. Cultivation additionally requires great skill. Ginseng is a plant. However, more specifically a deciduous perennial, growing to three feet in height and producing oval, toothed leaves with a cluster of small green-yellow flowers and red berry-like fruits. Since it is a slow-growing plant, taking up to six years to mature, ginseng is difficult and expensive to grow. The ginseng root grows in the shape of a human form, harvested in autumn when the active constituents remain most concentrated.

San Qi ginseng is cultivated commercially in southern and central China, where it is unearthed before flowering, or after the fruit has ripened.

American ginseng is native to North America, as well as the Himalayas. However, due to overharvesting, it is rarely seen in the wild. It is now cultivated in Wisconsin, China, and France.

Siberian ginseng is native to eastern Russia, China, Korea, and Japan. It is a hardy, deciduous plant, growing to nearly ten feet with up to seven toothed leaflets on each stem. This ginseng root appears more branched and hairy than the other ginseng varieties. Although Siberian ginseng can grow from seed, it is a difficult plant to germinate. However, this variety is considered to be more adaptable than others and matures more quickly. These conditions make Siberian ginseng far less expensive to cultivate.

There are six species of ginseng, and all possess nearly identical constituents. Among the most skilled in the world when it comes to medical plan research, Korean chemico-botanists produced a root superior to any other through a process of selective germination. Of all the strains of ginseng, Korean ginseng is regarded as the finest in all the world.

Ginseng Health Benefits

Taken in variable forms, Ginseng is applicable for a variety of medical conditions. The chemical components found in ginseng known as ginsenosides are responsible for the clinical benefits that the herb can provide. The herb is possibly effective in improving cognitive function, anti-inflammatory traits, the ability to treat medical conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED), flu prevention properties, and an ability to lower blood sugar shown by numerous studies of Panax ginseng.

Researched ginseng, including Korean red ginseng shows improved results for individuals that undergo treatments centered on the herb. Studies suggest that Panax ginseng can improve brain function. Another study of Panax demonstrates that Panax ginseng increases insulin production in some diabetic patients.

Increasing in popularity, specialists employ ginseng to increase the effects of a variety of therapeutic, and medicinal treatments. The diversity both in the application and in the variable conditions it benefits bolsters this popularity. Treatments involving Ginseng Panax are available through Evolv Wellness in Miami. We treat patients all over South Florida for a wide range of conditions. Many of these applications involving Ginseng Panax.

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