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Holistic Doctor Pinecrest
Holistic Doctor Pinecrest

Evolv Massage Specials

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Unresolved issues cause stress. When stress occurs and it’s not dealt with, it cause sickness. Many factors that can cause stress such as health problems, relationship issues, anger, life changes, etc. It’s possible to control stress and you can do it with the help of our Holistic Doctor Pinecrest through the use of our therapeutic services. Don’t let stress take over your life, deal with it the relaxing way. We have different amazing spa massage specials that will take you to another state of mind. If you’re looking to spend a day full of relaxation, while your body achieves a state of balance then make an appointment with our Holistic Doctor Pinecrest. At our Ayurvedic Spa, this month of October, we offer massage specials such as Shirodhara, Thai Massage, and Therapeutic massage. Pamper yourself with these great specials this month of October! A massage is the best possible treatment you can receive to reduce your stress levels and feel better.

Our Shirodhara Therapy Special

Starting with our Shirodhara massage treatment that will take you to another level. The Shirodhara works to increase mental clarity and reduce mental stress through the gentle pouring of warm oils over the forehead. As you can see, this is a unique way of relaxing your mind and body. A person whose Vata dosha is imbalanced would benefit greatly from this therapy. A shirodhara therapy treatment balances the imbalance of vata which causes anxiety, dry skin, constipation, poor sleep, excessive thinking, etc. All these factors make you stress, and Shirodhara will reduce it!

Thai Massage Special

Release your physical and emotional stress through Thai Massage! This form of Ayurveda involves the stretching of muscles to achieve good health through the flowing bodily energies in the tissues. Lack of muscle stretching makes it short and sends a signal to the brain that it’s a contraction. The benefits are great because the muscles are freed up and not contracted anymore. Headaches, neck pain, sore muscles are sometimes caused from muscle contractions. This is why it’s important to stretch all muscles out in order to achieve health benefits.

Therapeutic Massage

Want to get rid of muscle tension and reduce stress? This massage is another you can choose! This massage is very simple, however; it focuses on the manipulation of muscles, tissues, ligaments and tendons. Stress causes muscles to become tense which is why focusing specifically on particular muscle part is important. You can gain benefits such as improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improve mental clarity, relieve headaches, boost your immune system and much more!

At Evolv Wellness, our professional massage therapists and Holistic Doctor Pinecrest focus on relieving muscle tension, reduce stress levels, and improve your overall health through high-quality massage therapies. Call today at (305) 596-0858 to make an appointment.