Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami

Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage (#5 Is Our Personal Favorite)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami

In the world of specialized massages and physical therapy, there are several different areas you can choose to focus on depending on your body’s unique needs. While one person may be experiencing tension in their shoulders, another may need some added circulation around the legs. At Evolv Wellness, our team is dedicated to learning about each and every section of the body and effective techniques that can deliver real results to our patients. If you are in search of a great Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami, our experts at Evolv Wellness offer some of the best around!

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage holds the potential of turning your entire life around for the better. The lymph flow of the body is not a common thing that many individuals think about on a regular basis, but when you first go in for this focused massage, you will notice a difference almost immediately. When your system’s lymph flow is stimulated, your body is able to perform incredible tasks and remove harmful substances that may be present.

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If you are still uncertain whether a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami is right for you, we have listed the top 5 benefits of coming to our center and giving it a try!

  1. Heal your body: If your body has recently undergone any trauma, such as a serious injury or a surgical procedure, a lymphatic massage may be just what you need to jumpstart your system into recovery mode. This massage is very effective in reducing the scarring left behind by surgical incisions, and it is capable of reducing swelling and detoxifying the body as a whole.
  2. Improve your immune system: Do you tend to catch colds very easily? Individuals who find themselves under the weather on what seems to be a weekly basis are likely suffering from an underdeveloped immune system. There are several steps medical professionals recommend to improve this issue but, aside from increasing your vitamin C intake and getting plenty of rest, a massage could do the trick just as well! The immune system is weakened significantly if the flow of lymphatic materials in the body slows. By having a drainage massage performed, you can increase the production of antibodies that fight off illness in your body and prevent common illnesses from forming.  
  3. Rejuvenate physical appearance: It may seem too good to be true, but this specialty massage can give you a more youthful appearance! Imperfections such as scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles all occur as a result of tissue being damaged and losing its collagen. Increasing the flow of the lymphatic system encourages new tissue regeneration and makes the face appear more healthy and full.
  4. Stimulate healthy breastfeeding: Many women wish to breastfeed their children to provide the nutrients and antibodies that only a mother can supply. However, it is not uncommon for an individual to experience complications during this process. If this situation applies to you, a lymphatic massage can also help to improve many of the side effects related to breastfeeding complications, such as swelling due to engorgement and plugged ducts.
  5. Achieve relaxation: Last, but certainly not least on this list, is that our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami is the perfect remedy for an overworked and overstressed mind. It is incredibly important for everyone to set aside time on a regular basis to unwind and really put everything into perspective. We guarantee that you will feel like a brand new person when you leave our center after a session.

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Stop letting your hectic, daily schedule get in the way of treating your body to the healing therapies it so desperately needs. We are confident that coming into our center to try our incredible Lymphatic Drainage Massage Miami will be the best decision you’ve made all month. Try our effective therapies at Evolv Wellness for yourself today and give us a call at (305) 596-0858 or to send us a message now!



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