Swedish-Massage , Swedish Massage in Coral GablesSwedish Massage in Coral Gables

As a woman, it is important to always pamper yourself. By getting a Swedish Massage in Coral Gables at Mahima Center, you can guarantee an amazing experience that will help relieve you of stress, pain, or muscle tension.

For many, choosing which massage to get can be like solving a puzzle. Many aren’t sure and just choose whichever is convenient, or sounds the best. Well all massages are amazing and provide benefits to all. Sometimes though, some can be better for women than for men. Since women have a slimmer and smaller figure, a massage fitted to the body type of that woman can make all the difference in the world. Massages for Women in Coral Gables is offered at Mahima Center, where they can provide you with great knowledge on which massage is better for you, as a woman. Although all massages are amazing for anyone, there are some in particular that can help a woman in a specific way.

Some of the Best Massages for Women in Coral Gables are:

Vishesh ( Deep Tissue Massage)- This Abhyanga massage works on a deeper level of the tissue to enhance circulation, and detoxification which will allow more relaxation of the muscles. These rhythmical therapies of Abhyanga are slowly melted into the physical being while going in deeper in order to allow the tissue to breathe. To make an appointment, Click Here!

Swedish Massage– Our Swedish Massage in Coral Gables is a gentle yet rhythmical therapy that uses firm but gentle pressure to help relax muscle tension, so we become more in touch with our tranquil, innocent childlike nature. To make an appointment, Click Here!

Thai Massage– The benefits of this massage range from helping calm the mind, to supporting restful sleep, focus, concentration, posture, and balance. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety,inflammation and pain,and helps boost energy levels. To make an appointment, Click Here!

Vadana ( Facial Massage)- This gentle Ayurvedic facial massage helps stimulate the facial production of collagen and nurtures the tissue in order to give us that beautiful glow of Maya. To make an appointment, Click Here!

All of these massages are our highest ranked by women who have had them done before. Receiving a massage can help a women relax, destress, and be at peace. Mahima Center provides the best Massages for Women in Coral Gables. That is the sole purpose of a massage for a woman. Peace. Relaxation. Destressing.

A very popular and relaxing massage which utilizes long, soothing strokes to induce a deeper state of relaxation to provide the body relief from stressful situations and emotional instability. Combined with certain oils to help relax the muscle as well as stimulate the circulation, Swedish massage in Coral Gables is not very deep. It ranges from soft to medium in pressure, based on the client’s preference.

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