Therapeutic Massage in Kendall

It All Starts and Ends with Balance

Our bodies have a miraculous ability to self-repair and heal. This process of correction is encouraged when the soft tissues are manipulated, and help a person be able to commiserate with their own body to help adjust to a variety of internal physiological systems. The repeated use of massage therapy can raise or lower this awareness of the body’s regulating structures and ability to adjust.

Pain is a signal from bodily systems telling us that our systems may be out of balance and that it is time to focus inwards. When we release that pain and improving overall life quality, the focus on the self can lead to the growth of our true potential and natural healing of a comprehensive mental outlook. Similar to the process of meditation, massage helps us to focus on the bodily flow of energies, helps us to focus on the moment, and aids in restoring overall balance to an off-kilter being.

A Beneficial Massage

The benefits that bodywork can provide are an undeniable fact. Regardless of how we choose to describe it, or the reasons you would choose to seek out a therapeutic massage professional, massage therapy can be a valued tenant of a health, care, and maintenance regimen.

Experts view up to 90% of disease and illnesses are directly related to stress, and it’s common knowledge that nothing exacerbates the aging process, both internally and externally, more than a high-stress level. Modern life makes the elimination of anxiety and stress almost a pipe dream, but with a healthy lifestyle incorporating massage therapy, you can certainly manage your stress levels.

Clients often feel an increased sense of perspective and overall clarity after receiving a massage. Balancing energies and emotions within the body can often prove to be just as beneficial, if not in some cases more beneficial than some of the more tangible physical effects.

We aren’t saying modern medicine isn’t necessary, or even important, but what we are saying is that a holistic medicinal regimen including tenants like massage therapy can certainly be advantageous to those looking to assist with, or even help in preventing modern diseases and afflictions.

The Undeniable Effects of Therapeutic Massage in Kendall

The bodily response to therapeutic massage will show profound improvement on overall bodily wellness. In response to bodily massage, specific physiological and chemical changes begin to precipitate throughout the entire system.

  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Increases in pulmonary function and peak airflow
  • Decreases in water retention and cramping
  • Lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress

Research shows huge benefits related to the medicine of touch, ranging from treating chronic diseases, neurological problems and injuries, to simply alleviating the tensions and anxieties of living a modern lifestyle.

Massage and other holistic treatments have even started becoming more prevalent in the medical community as part of integral hospice care, with many medical centers incorporating the services of massage professionals to treat post-surgery and pain patients in part of the recovery processes.

Increased Benefits with Multiple Treatments

Getting a massage can make a world of difference in the way that you feel, and doing it more frequently increases that feeling exponentially. Partaking in massage therapy as a regular part of your health care can play a huge part in how healthy you’ll feel and aid in how youthful you can remain. Setting aside the time and money to regularly get massage treatments is an investment in your health. Just because it may seem like pampering yourself, and that it may be a gratuitous expense, doesn’t make any of its therapeutic properties any less valuable. Consider a therapeutic massage in Kendall a necessary part of your wellness plan for your needs. Not only will you be feeling better, but you’ll be looking better for your next jaunt around South Beach as well.

Evolv Wellness

Our facility makes it our daily mission to provide our best possible services like acupuncture and therapeutic massage in Kendall, and surrounding areas. We strive to ensure that the health and well-being of our patients come paramount and are prepared with a carefully cultivated plan to ensure our clients get the relief and assistance they desire. We ensure that we take our time with the utmost care and compassion to ensure a culture of wellness and caring is passed on to our patients.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of clinically licensed therapists burden the responsibility of educating patients on healthy and balanced life decisions and ensure that the path to true wellness is not simply based on fair-weather life choices, but a pattern of behaviors that take time and effort to develop. This is a perpetual cycle of knowledge amongst our staff as well as our patients to ensure growth and a transformative life.

Materialize your own wellness by making healthy living choices. If you’re looking to make the first step in that process, and enlist the services of a professional, quality team of individuals seeking your health and inner balance first, above all else, then get in touch with Evolv Wellness for a therapeutic massage in Kendall today!

To us, your health is paramount. We want you not only feeling good but looking good too! Contact us and schedule the first of what we hope is many treatments and let us relieve your unwanted and unneeded stresses and anxieties; helping put you on the path to inner balance!