A sunny day at Miami Beach is one of the best options if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, not to mention all the luxury spas the city has to offer. However, holistic wellness centers can provide true, lasting relaxation that comes from the inside.

Services at Holistic Wellness Centers

At Evolv Wellness Center, we have a variety of services you can choose from that aren’t like your typical massages and facials at other spas. Here are some of our most unique options:


Foot Reflexology

Beginning with a foot cleanse, our professionals use a calming and refreshing salt aromatherapy scrub. Gentle pressure is initially applied to specific reflex points to stimulate the nerve for a calming and healing effect.


As the pressure slightly increases to these and other points, it stimulates and enhances the organ system, restoring balance and harmony to all bodily functions. The practice of reflexology goes back thousands of years to ancient China and ancient Egypt, and it is still practiced today as a form of foot and hand therapy.



Another one of our holistic services is the subtle yet profound therapy of Shirodhara. Apart from being one of Ayurveda’s foremost therapies, it merely does not just focus on the physical aspect of our being but also our mental-emotional and spiritual levels.


With all the chaos in today’s modern society, it is becoming one of the most popular and effective tools. When applied regularly, Shirodhara therapy supports the overall aspect of our health on all three levels of our being.


It supports the healthy circulation of prana and blood to nourish the brain. This furthermore improves memory, nourishes hair and scalp, prevents hair loss and dryness to the scalp.

On a deeper and more profound level, it energetically stimulates the pineal gland to secrete hormones that calm the nervous system and induce a deeper sense of relaxation and sleep.


Shirodhara has been a remarkable therapy in treating neurological disorders but is now becoming one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nervous tension in this modern-day lifestyle.

Vadana Facial Massage


This is definitely not your average facial! Vadana is based on the ancient therapeutic principles of Ayurveda. This therapy has been widely practiced in India for thousands of years, and its popularity is slowly spreading to the Western hemisphere.


Ayurvedic face massage seeks to promote harmony and balance in the body by freeing tightness within the facial muscles and connective tissue. This gentle Ayurvedic facial massage helps stimulate collagen’s facial production and nurtures the tissue to give us that beautiful glow of Maya.


Evolv Wellness Center in Miami Beach


Our team of professionals at Evolv Wellness Center strives to serve our patients in Miami Beach by meeting the needs of their mind, body, and soul holistically. Here are some of our most important goals:


  • Materialize a culture of wellness and healthy living choices to our patients and clients and live by this statement as well.
  • Achieve success in serving our patients through therapies and medicinal supplementation at our wellness center.
  • Harmoniously support the emotional wellness of our patients.
  • Integrate the ancient healing therapies, methods, and knowledge with a modern approach for the society that we are a part of.
  • Master wellness within us so it can be an example for our patients and clients.
  • Always show gratitude and respect and be responsible for our patients, family, and friends’ overall wellness as our way of serving society in this path we have chosen.


At Evolv Wellness, we strive daily to provide the best services, such as acupuncture and massage therapy, to support our patients’ health and well-being. We are a multi-dimensional wellness center near Miami Beach, providing holistic treatments for various issues, such as stress, weight loss, and spirituality.


Make sure to check out our services and our online marketplace for an in-depth look at everything we have to offer! With utmost care, compassion, and respect, we devote our skills and time to ensure this wellness and caring culture is passed on to our patients.


From our receptionists to our clinical therapists, our knowledgeable staff is endowed with the responsibility of informing and educating the patients about a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. There is a constant sharing of knowledge within the clinical team and our patients for continuous growth and transformation.

We welcome your visit to our wellness center in Miami Beach and to allow us to be at your service! Book an appointment with us today.