What is total-body wellness, and why does it matter? When your mind, body, and spirit are all healthy, and in sync, you can achieve total-body wellness, helping you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Wellness centers help you achieve this total-body wellness and get the holistic treatment you need to fight everyday body aches and pains and deeper issues plaguing your mind and soul. 


What Do Wellness Centers Provide?

Like we mentioned before, total-body wellness is the well-being of your mind, body, and soul. However, many wellness centers specialize in treating certain parts of your body, such as your skin, spiritual life, or physiological needs. 

This is why it’s important to look into which services your local wellness center in South Florida offers and if the professionals specialize in specific treatments or bodily systems. Some of the most common wellness centers provide services and physicians for general health and well-being. 

At Evolv, we focus on providing our patients with the best natural care based on Ayurvedic treatment. This ancient medical philosophy has been used worldwide for hundreds of years, proven to help with physical and mental ailments. 

Holistic wellness centers can be an excellent option for you if you haven’t had much success with other wellness programs or traditional clinics and medical practices. They often have various treatment options that can be tailored to fit your body and mind’s needs.

Evolv Wellness Center provides several different Ayurvedic massages and services that many other wellness centers do not offer. For example, our Champi head massage is a traditional Ayurvedic massage using specially blended herbal oils to soothe the nerves and support the health and well-being of the senses. 

This subtle blend of oils is used to massage the head, neck, and shoulders. As it permeates the surface, it nourishes the hair and scalp and stimulates the flow of Prana, Qi, or energy throughout the body, alleviating any form of stagnation or blockage. Doing so has a profound effect on the mind to induce a state of tranquility while supporting restful sleep.

Also, we offer the Abhyanga Ayurvedic therapy, which is based on the application of selected, blended herbal oils based on your dosha, or body type. This oil combination with various massage stroke types supports the body, mind, and spirit’s health and well-being.

It nourishes and pacifies the doshas of Vata and Pitta while stimulating and supporting the healthy functions of Kapha dosha. Abhyanga relieves fatigue, and promotes stamina while soothing the mind and ensuring perfect sleep. Apart from this, it also enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, supporting longevity while nourishing the whole body.

Today, many wellness centers are staffed with aestheticians and dermatologists specializing in skincare, offering various facials, laser skin treatment, and other surgical or non-surgical skin and body treatment options. 

Gyms and spas are also often called wellness centers, although they are usually not treatment-based. What wellness centers all have in common is that they all provide treatments and services that aim to improve physical and mental well-being. 

Finally, there are other wellness centers that are entirely run by physicians, often looking more like clinics or medical practices. Commonly, these wellness facilities are for wellness through drug rehabilitation, so they will staff doctors and medical health professionals such as psychiatrists, drug specialists, physical therapists, primary care physicians, and more. 

Because there are so many different wellness centers out there, it’s important to look into the kind of wellness center that best fits your needs. This will ensure that you go to the right place to receive the services and treatments that will most benefit you within your budget. 

If you decide to go to more of a clinic than a massage parlor, this can affect payment, insurance, and final results.


Evolv Wellness Center in South Florida

Our team of professionals at Evolv Wellness Center strives to serve our patients in South Florida by meeting the needs of their minds, body, and soul holistically. Here are some of our most important goals:

  • Materialize a culture of wellness and healthy living choices to our patients and clients and live by this statement as well.
  • Achieve success in serving our patients through therapies and medicinal supplementation at our wellness center.
  • Harmoniously support the emotional wellness of our patients.
  • Integrate the ancient healing therapies, methods, and knowledge with a modern approach for the society that we are a part of.
  • Master wellness within us so it can be an example for our patients and clients.
  • Always show gratitude and respect and be responsible for our patients, family, and friends’ overall wellness as our way of serving society in this path we have chosen.

At Evolv Wellness, we strive daily to provide the best services, such as acupuncture and massage therapy, to support our patients’ health and well-being. We are a multi-dimensional wellness center, providing holistic treatments for various issues, such as stress, weight loss, and spirituality. 

Make sure to check out our services and our online marketplace for an in-depth look at everything we have to offer! With utmost care, compassion, and respect, we devote our skills and time to ensure this culture of wellness and caring is passed on to our patients. 

We welcome your visit to our wellness center and allow us to be at your service! Book an appointment with us today.