Acupuncture on Kendall drive

Find Inner Peace with Our Acupuncture Therapy in Miami!

Acupuncture on Kendall Drive

Harmony and Balance

Finding Inner Peace

Life provides us the treasures of wisdom for the betterment and transitional growth in all phases of our life, same as the earth with its deepest treasures within, as its inner source of refinement.

One of those great treasures is the refined science of Acupuncture or as the scholars of India call it Suchi Veda, or the subtle art of needling. Practiced in Asia for thousands of years, this science embodies the three levels of our existential being, from the physical, mental-emotional to the deepest aspect which is our psycho-spiritual. We offer Acupuncture at Evolv Wellness to our patients for maximum relaxation.

From a physical standpoint, Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of fine needles into certain pressure or marma points. Within these energetic points resides out vital energies, and the insertion of these needles with proper intention and intuitive guidance allows for unblocking and transformation of this energy, qi or prana.

One of my dearest teachers, also a Taoist Master said to me one day, the most refined part of Acupuncture or as he would say “the highest level Acupuncture” is the ability to intuitively transform the Qi without the use of needles. This level of achievement takes time, dedication, and devotion in the practice of Acupuncture within the cosmic play.

What Exactly Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is not just a science of inserting needles, but one which includes the understanding of the physical body and all its physical functions. Combining this with a greater understanding of the elements of nature and the environmental and planetary influences within and around us allows for a greater experience of this art.

In our modern-day culture, we are so busy being caught up in life’s distractions and attachments we are unable to feel or get in touch with the subtle energetic flow within or around us. This is why Acupuncture and its sister Science of Subtle Movement or Tai Qi provide us such great benefits.

As we dwell deeper into the understanding of Acupuncture, we will realize that as we treat the physical body to harmonize the energy flow we are also doing so on a subtle level, correcting internal physical and mental-emotional balances, whereby opening up the gates for greater consciousness and transformation. Once this level of consciousness is achieved, then the true meaning of life is experienced.

Ayurveda for a Better Health

The practice of this profound science requires practitioners who are truly devoted to something greater than themselves, individuals with a greater sense of purpose and an attitude of devotion and respect to the patient’s health and well-being. When the practitioner does this and places the patient first, then true healing takes place. It is not just the patient who is being healed, but the practitioner who is doing service (dharma) and is removing or balancing past karmas (samskaras). Since coincidence is not an existential thing, then in the life and practice of a practitioner, whichever patient presents themselves to him/her for treatment, it is not just a physical process but the completion of a journey between both.

As one continues to practices this refined science a greater sense of awareness takes place within, a sense of internal harmony, balance, inner peace, a sense of devotion. This is true Tai Qi, a state of harmony and balance internally without searching for it but allowing it to exist. It is a state of being which can lead us to experience the Tao or the nothingness of being.

The great Taoist masters did leave us a road map to the subtle realm, and this road map can only be experienced through personal realization. This realization comes from a path dedicated to providing the greatest transformation both internally and externally. Acupuncture, a branch of Chinese Medicine is one of these paths, it is the transformed, microcosmic expression of Tai Qi in a most refined form.

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