Alternative Medicine Pinecrest

Alternative Medicine Pinecrest

Alternative Medicine Pinecrest

We Strive For The Best!

For starters, at Mahima Center, we strive on a daily basis to provide the best Holistic services. Our services include Acupuncture and therapies, we support the health and well- being of our patients.  With utmost care, compassion, and respect, we devote our skills and time to ensure this culture of wellness and caring is passed on to our patients.

In addition, all of our staff is knowledgeable, from receptionists to clinical therapists. They are endowed with the responsibility of informing and educating the patients about a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. There is a constant sharing of knowledge within the clinical staff as well as with our patients. We do this to ensure continuous growth and transformation.

Holistic Medicine and Cupping Therapy

We care about the health of our patients. For that reason, we provide several forms of Alternative Medicine Pinecrest. Cupping Therapy has been one of those popular forms.

Furthermore, cupping is an ancient form of Ayurveda that allows for blood to flow more easily within affected body areas. The easier it is for the blood to travel throughout the body, the faster the healing process of the affected area will be. Therefore, the process begins by using heat to create a suction effect on a specific muscle group. Once removed, the cup may leave an imprint similar to that of a bruise. As much as they may look like bruises, however, they are not the type that could be created with say that of blunt-force trauma and more-so used for a healing effect.

Health and Wellness Center

Experience traditions on a transcendent level, where the mind sits in a state of tranquility, while the body achieves a deeper and profound level of balance, harmony, and total relaxation. Mahima brings you a refinement of services, products, and education utilizing the core principles of the ancient traditions.

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