Cupping Therapy in Miami

What the Heck is Cupping?

How Does Cupping Therapy in Miami Work?

The first time you heard of cupping, you probably thought, “What in the world is that?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Cupping Therapy in Miami has been alive for thousands of years but is becoming a trend as of late, so it’s normal if you still need to get educated on the fundamentals!

Like any other form of physical therapy, cupping is meant to ease areas of your body that are in pain or give you feelings of discomfort. By using a plastic, glass, bamboo, or silicone cup on top of the area, a vacuum effect suctions your skin and aims to improve the circulation of your blood and lymph in your tissues.

Relaxed Young Woman Receiving Cupping Treatment On Back
High Angle View Of A Relaxed Young Woman Receiving Cupping Treatment On Back

Cupping Therapy Soothes Discomfort

This, in turn, will speed up the process of recovery under your skin in that area of pain, something that your body might not be able to do on its own. Cupping therapy will soothe your discomfort if you have a particular part of your body that hurts, but it can also have long-term benefits if you receive cupping therapy regularly. If you’re looking for the healing effects of a deep tissue massage, but without the heavy pressure and firmness, cupping therapy can be for you.

There are plenty of places that offer cupping therapy in Miami, but the 3500-year-old treatment actually dates back to ancient China, Egypt, and other cultures in the Middle East. Since it’s been around for so long, cupping therapy is tried and true, which is why we believe in it here at Evolv Wellness. What also makes cupping so special is that it works on the meridians, which are energy paths across your entire body that connect to your tissues and organs.

Unblock your Chi

The energy that moves through these paths is called chi, and any problem that occurs in your body is due to things that block chi. If there isn’t a smooth, balanced circulation of energy, then tension can build up in your muscles, resulting in chronic pain. Cupping therapy combats this by opening up your energy pathways and encouraging both blood flow and proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Most people opt for cupping therapy on their backs, as this area tends to be the tensest and painful. Because your back also has the most meridians compared to any other area of the body, we recommend getting your first cupping therapy session there.

How does Cupping Therapy Work?

Our Miami cupping therapy works through two main motions: While one cup is stationary and suctioned in place to your body, the other cup is in continuous motion and can move freely because of the oil applied to your body beforehand. This treatment utilizes both of these methods to release the toxins in the cells that make up your tissues, easing discomfort and relaxing you just like any other massage.

After the cupping therapy session, you’ll probably feel a tingling sensation deep within your muscles. This is normal and is a sign that your blood is circulating throughout your body, so don’t be alarmed. With so many benefits, such as relief from back pain, headaches, fatigue, and even constipation, it’s no wonder why cupping therapy is so popular.

Cupping Therapy In Miami | Evolv Wellness

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