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A Few Ayurvedic Ideas for the New Year

Ayurvedic Ideas Miami

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A few Ayurvedic Ideas Miami for the New Year

A new year is here to allow us time for new beginnings and change! Taking care of your health should be the most important resolution you made for the new year. Yeah, yeah I know, diet, exercise, and better habits are the usual resolutions that last maybe through the end of January, what if I tell you that Ayurveda has a few Ayurvedic Ideas Miami, that are easy to follow that might even allow you to stick to your Diet and Exercise resolutions for a longer time if not forever. Evolv Wellness is offering a DETOX SPECIAL for the new year to help you with your resolution. This changes are practical and easy and don’t involve to much sacrifice, but have the potential of changing your life for the better. Here’s my top 5 Ayurvedic Ideas Miami that will help you achieve a new level of natural health with very little effort.

Start your day with the right breakfast.

What you eat first thing in the morning sets the tone of your entire day. Your digestive fire can either be boosted or totally extinguished depending on what you eat or don’t eat in the morning. A hot, whole-grain porridge (congee) is the ideal breakfast to kindle your digestive fire, improve absorption, and balance your metabolism. It has a long history of use as dietary therapy. Some of the oldest Chinese imperial records have mentions of it as being a premier health food.

Its healing power is already in the Chinese collective memory. One day, I caught myself offering to buy some for a colleague when she wasn’t feeling well. It is really the first thing that came to my mind. When we are sick, we eat congee. Period. Many recipes can be found all over the internet Congee is easy to make in a crockpot. Put up the soup before going to bed and awaken to this satisfying porridge. (Or, put it up before going to work and the soup will be ready when you come home.) Congee is easy to prepare and is very inexpensive. Ayurveda teaches that one of the root causes of all disease is improper digestion, so starting your day with congee will help to heal all types of health imbalances and weight issues.

Sip warm water with meals.

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water. But maybe you haven’t heard that you should avoid iced water and drink warm water instead. Ayurveda teaches that iced or refrigerated drinks actually inhibit digestion, and that warm water improves it. It is especially important while you’re eating a meal to drink warm to hot water to aid in the digestive process.

Also be aware that drinking too much water during a meal dilutes the enzymes necessary to fully break down food, so sipping is considered healthier than gulping big glasses during the meal. Gulping can be done in between meals! It only takes a little getting used to asking your waiter for water with no ice, or better yet, a mug of tea or hot water with lemon, and you will feel how you are digesting your meals much more efficiently and without any gas or bloating.

Soothe your sinuses daily.

Ayurvedic Ideas Miami teaches that it is extremely important to keep all of your internal cavities well oiled and clean to prevent illness and maintain optimal health for long life. Many people can relate to having various sinus problems, whether it’s seasonal allergies, chronic congestion, sinus infections, or headaches. Considering that the mucus membranes in the sinuses are the first line of defense as air enters our body, we want to make sure that they are doing their job for our immune system. Dryness and inflammation are actually a huge contributor to congestion and allergies.

Neti pots like that one Evolv Wellness offers under its essence of Ayurveda collection are getting a lot of press these days as a great way to keep our sinuses clean. Less well known is that it is important to insert a few drops of herbal oil into the nose each day to keep the sinus tissues healthy and supple. If done on a daily basis, even twice a day, you will avoid many of the common colds, coughs, and headaches that keep you from fully enjoying good health during the year. Also, we offer a deep sinus cleaning as a treatment at Evolv Wellness called the Nasya therapy for more information please see our website or call us at 1- 888- 334-7034.

Give yourself a warm oil massage.

Continuing the “oil your body” theme, a great Ayurvedic practice for your mind and body is abhyanga, a self-massage using warm oil. It’s best to apply the warm oil all over your body right before a hot bath or shower so that the oil can easily penetrate into the deeper tissues and joints. Abhyanga serves to calm the nervous system, strengthen the joints and connective tissue, and stimulate the internal organs. It’s best to choose the type of oil that is appropriate for your ayurvedic body type or constitution (Kapha, Vata or Pitta) or you can simply use raw sesame oil, which is good for all types.

One of the best things about abhyanga is that by doing this healing practice several times a week, you are getting in touch with yourself and create self-awareness and love toward your body. If you rather have a professional Ayurvedic Massage therapist perform a powerful and healing abhyanga contact us at Evolv Wellness to schedule a massage you won’t be able to forget.

Daily Detox

If you are not going to do anything else for your health besides taking the supplement Triphala you’d still be better off than most people. Triphala is one of the most important Ayurvedic herbal formulas because it serves as a powerful detox agent for the digestive tract while at the same time rejuvenating the entire body. At Evolv Wellness, we sell Triphala under our Essence of Ayurveda traditional formula collection. A clean internal environment is necessary for all other bodily systems to function well.

Triphala means three fruits,” because there are three components of Triphala powder: Amla, Baheda, and Harada. Amla comes from the fruit of a tree that is native to India, and it is a rich source of vitamin C. Baheda comes from a bitter fruit, but contains plenty of vitamin A, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Harada is known as “the Tibetan king of medicine,” and it is famous as a tonic for the heart and brain, as well as for long life. Each of these ingredients alone is touted for its medicinal properties in various areas, including anemia, eye problems, sinus allergies, and asthmatic symptoms and it is balancing for all constitutional types. It’s best to take Triphala one hour before bed so that its cleansing action can occur while there is no new food being eaten.

If you incorporate this Ayurvedic New Year’s tips for even just a few weeks, you will notice such incredible improvements in your overall health that you won’t want to worry about falling off the wagon. A new sense of well-being comes from making these small but profoundly effective changes. Making lasting improvements in our daily routine does require some discipline and self-control, but when the benefits become obvious so easily, it requires little effort to make them seem just like normal. If you will like to know more about Ayurveda or consult with one of our Ayurvedic Life Consultant don’t hesitate to contact us at Evolv Wellness to schedule an appointment.

For the New Year, Evolv Wellness is offering a DETOX SPECIAL for just $65.00 consisting of a 50 minutes treatment combo including our infrared sauna and abhyanga massage. Contact us for Details at 1-888-334-7034 Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to achieve better health in 2012!

Many Blessing for the New Year,

Your Evolv Wellness Team.

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