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Difference Between a Regular Massage and an Ayurvedic Massage: Which Is Best?

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Non-Ayurvedic vs Ayurvedic Massage

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How does an Ayurvedic massage benefit you? Has someone ever massage your shoulders and felt at peace? There are many differences between a regular massage and an Ayurvedic one such as the techniques, added oils, use of herbs, etc. A regular massage is considered a type of massage that only involves strokes on the back, shoulders, feet without the use of any herbs, oils or specific level of pressure. This is a type of massage that only focuses on releasing tension in the muscles and increasing circulation for a temporary feeling of tranquility. An ayurvedic massage, however, aims directly to treat a person’s pain, tension, physical and mental stress, as well as balance their body energies. Massage therapists achieve these benefits by placing their focus in specific pressure points, using oils and herbs, applied hot stones, unique strokes, and different techniques in each massage.

Our Qualified Massage Therapists

At our Ayurvedic Massage Center, our patients are treated through our unique Ayurvedic massages to promote health and wellness. Their health is our top priority which is why we ensure our massage therapists are highly qualified to provide Ayurvedic therapeutic services. A regular massage brings health benefits, but Ayurvedic massages bring so much more! An Ayurvedic massage entirely detoxifies your body in which we treat it as if it were a temple. Your body should be carefully taken care of through purification with the use of our natural herbs and oils.

Improve Your Health

Don’t settle for a regular massage, come by our Ayurvedic Massage Center and receive a well-done Ayurvedic massage at our Ayurvedic Massage Center. Take with you all health benefits these massages bring to better your life. With our massages, you will enter a state of tranquility to calm all your worries. Spend your day bringing positive vibes to your life to return to your responsibilities with a clear mind. Eliminate your mental fog, decrease your stress, reduce your pain, relieve your anxiety, release your muscle tension, sleep better, and much more through our Ayurvedic massages!

An Ayurvedic massage differs from a regular massage due to its utilization of herbs and oils for further detoxifying benefits that can be provided at our  Ayurvedic Massage Center. Call today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.