Cupping Therapy in Kendall

Are You an Athlete? How Can Cupping Therapy Benefit You?

Cupping Therapy in Kendall

Hard-working athletes deserve to be able to enjoy a relaxing therapy session while helping their overall athletic performance. At Evolv Wellness, we understand just how important it is for athletes to wind down, detox, and improve their health. Because of this, we offer our Cupping Therapy in Kendall to all of our customers, but we highly recommend it for all of our athletic customers especially! Cupping is a great way to boost your endurance, relaxation, and athletic performance! Visit our wellness center today to find out more information! 

Cupping Benefits

What are the benefits of our Cupping Therapy in Kendall?

Removing Toxins: Many athletes need a way of recovering from the intense training their bodies go through, which is why our Cupping Therapy in Kendall is a great way to remove toxins from the body and help find a balance.

Alleviate Inflammation: Being an athlete means putting your joints and muscles through extreme training and strain. Cupping allows you to relieve your inflammation and help you find a balance.

Cupping is a great treatment for both athletes and non-athletic people and helps blood travel throughout the body for a healthier lifestyle. The cupping therapy process begins by using heat to create a suction effect on a specific muscle group. Once removed, the cup may leave an imprint similar to that of a bruise. As much as they may look like bruises, however, they are not the type that could be created with say that of blunt-force trauma and more-so used for a healing effect.

Chinese Cupping

Call Evolv Wellness today to find out more information on our Cupping Therapy in Kendall! Speak to our professionals and see if it’s right for you!