Deep Tissue Therapy

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Deep Tissue Therapy

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, we all experience stress in our day to day lives. Whether you’re the devoted parent to young children or a successful, practicing professional, we can all use some personal time to unwind every now and again. One of the best ways to treat yourself in these summer months is by scheduling a Deep Tissue Therapy massage at Evolv Wellness.

Our deep tissue massage is thorough enough to release deep-seated muscle tension and enhance your circulation, which is the root of our Deep Tissue Therapy. It stimulates circulation to nourish the local and surrounding tissues creating a muscle-relaxing effect. When the muscles are in a relaxed state our total well-being changes to a more tranquil and harmonious state.

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While this massaging method may apply more pressure than you are used to, it holds tons of benefits. One of these benefits includes the possibility of easing pain. Because this technique focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles and the fascia, it can reach those problem areas that keep you up at night or limit you from completing daily activities.

If you prefer a massage with a bit less pressure, our Swedish massage option may pique your interest. It is a very popular and relaxing massage that utilizes long, soothing strokes to induce a deeper state of relaxation to provide body relief from stressful situations and emotional instability. Combined with certain oils to help relax the muscle as well as stimulate the circulation, Swedish massage is not very deep. It ranges from soft to medium in pressure, based on the client’s preference.

At Evolv Wellness, we are constantly striving on a daily basis to provide the best services in the area, such as acupuncture and specialized therapies. With utmost care, compassion, and respect, we devote our skills and time to ensure this culture of wellness and caring is passed on to our patients.

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