Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub

If You Don’t Have A Scrub in Your Skincare Routine, You’re Missing Out on This

Clear Your Skin with an Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub

It seems like everything these days contains at least a bit of activated charcoal. The truth is this ingredient has served as a part of the health and wellness industry for some time. Charcoal works to help flush toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Many people also rely on the ingredient as a part of their skincare routine.

This is because an activated charcoal facial scrub offers the normal benefits of a facial scrub, with the ingredient also working to soak up excess oils and impurities within the body. For this reason, it is an ideal solution to help with oily skin.

What is Activated Charcoal? How Does it Work?

Activated charcoal is a carbon soot with treatment to provide it with a sponge-like structure. The component is very prone to soaking up substances (like oil, dirt, bacteria, and other toxins on our skin!)

When we think about skincare, we don’t really want anything sticking to our skin (aside from good bacteria. Where the standard benefits of a facial scrub involve removing surface dirt and oil with detergents, syndets (synthetic detergents), and other surfactants, an activated charcoal facial scrub seemingly reaches down into the pores.

Consider this as a clay mask. Activated charcoal absorbs oil from the pores, potentially even drawing out dirt and toxins from the pores as well! This means that it can clean deeper inside of the pores.

By implementing an activated charcoal facial scrub into a daily skincare routine, individuals can rely on its ability for detoxification. This is the preeminent solution to attain the traditional benefits of a facial scrub while also remaining an ideal solution for most skin types.

Who Should Use Activated Charcoal

Anyone can use activated charcoal to detoxify their body. Those that may observe the most dramatic improvements are those that suffer from oily skin. Activated charcoal absorbs excess oils as well as dirt and bacteria for the skin. This leaves the skin in balance, fresh, and detoxified.

Charcoal comes from materials like wood pulp that contains carbon. It becomes activated charcoal when high temperatures in design combine with gas and other activating agents. This expands its overall surface area and makes it more porous than regular charcoal.

As a result, an activated charcoal facial scrub can provide many similar benefits of a facial scrub while also drawing out bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, and a variety of other particles to the surface of the skin.

Individuals that rely on active charcoal in their skincare achieve a virtually flawless complexion and simultaneously fight acne, toxins, and various other skin conditions. In fact, activated charcoal can actually absorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful material as the ideal, natural skincare solution.

An Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub from Evolv Wellness

Activated Charcoal Facial ScrubActivated charcoal scrubs and facial masks continue increasing in popularity amongst the healing and cosmetic worlds. Many people experience positive outcomes utilizing the benefits of a facial scrub containing the activated charcoal component. This includes enjoying preeminently clear skin, in addition to healthier complexions.

To learn more about relying on activated charcoal for your health and wellness, as well as your aesthetic needs, contact Evolv Wellness today!