Foot Massage Therapy

What Healing Effects Can You Expect from a Reflexology Session?

Foot Massage Therapy

If you have been feeling stressed and are looking for a way to relax and get your mind off of things, there is no better treatment than reflexology. Used by ancient healers for thousands of years, this therapy heals different aspects of your body to make your mind, body, and spirit feel healthy. At Evolv Wellness, our reflexology Foot Massage Therapy will provide you with the relaxation you have been looking for. Our team of professional massage therapists will make you feel the best you have in a while!

For thousands and thousands of years, ancient healers have used the foot as a way to represent the body. They believed that different areas on foot corresponded to various organs. Here are some benefits you can experience after a Foot Massage Therapy from our therapists.

Reflexology Treatment

  • Increased circulation: Blood and oxygen will more efficiently move throughout your body, which will lead to damaged cells regrowing faster and healing overall.
  • Relaxation: Your neural pathways will begin to open up, and you will start to feel more relaxed. If work and school have been stressing you out and you have not been able to rest well, reflexology may be the best option for you.
  • Increased energy: A simple Foot Massage Therapy can help your organs function at a higher level and boost your metabolism. This will afford you more energy and help you stop feeling sluggish and slow all day.
  • Headache relief: By relaxing different muscles in your body, headaches can become less severe and even go away. If your headaches are caused by stress, opening your neural pathways and allowing your mind to rest can also eliminate their symptoms.
  • Toxin removal: Reflexology also increases the function of your bladder and urinary tract, so you will be more efficient in removing toxins from your body.

At Evolv Wellness, our Foot Massage Therapy can increase the wellbeing of your entire body. If you have been feeling tense and stressed out but have not found a remedy that works for you, speak with one of our staff today about our reflexology treatments. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, our team of professional therapists will be happy to sit down and answer them for you.

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