Full Body Shiatsu Massage

Our Shiatsu Massage Stimulates Pressure Points to Release Tension!

Full Body Shiatsu Massage

Stress is a factor of life that all of us deal with but few take active steps to escape. While it may be inevitable to dodge stressors in your everyday life, it is incredibly important that you find time in your busy schedule to unwind now and then. All that built-up tension is not good for your overall health and can eventually lead to significant medical issues if it is not addressed. At Evolv Wellness, we believe that our Full Body Shiatsu Massage is one of the best ways to release tension and seek relaxing bliss.

We offer many different forms of massage therapy at Evolv Wellness, but our Shiatsu Massage is a common favorite. Stemming from the Japanese term for “finger pressure,” Shiatsu massages utilize the application of pressure from the fingers and palms to work out tightly wound muscles and relieve knotted sections of the back.

This massage originated from traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, but it has been widely practiced throughout all parts of the world for the last almost 50 years. As with most of the services we offer at Evolv Wellness, Shiatsu embraces the traditions of Eastern medicine and takes a new perspective on health from that which is practiced here in the West.

While Western practices focus on finding quick fixes to various health conditions, typically in the form of a pill, Eastern practices are more aimed towards getting to the very root of the issue. Professionals who dedicate themselves to this field understand that the body and mind work harmoniously and therefore need to be addressed as one if you truly want to find solutions to your pain and discomfort.

Back Massage Therapy

When giving a Shiatsu massage, our massage therapists typically incorporate various body stretches into this massage along with other specialized techniques. It is common to use the thumbs, hands, knees, and elbows to apply pressure to specific points on the body. Limbs and joints are also rotated and stretched to slowly but surely help clients find relief.

As with every massage we offer, you will have the freedom to request the pressure and intensity you desire. While some individuals find relief in a very firm Full Body Shiatsu Massage, others prefer a more gentle approach. Regardless of your preferences, our experts will provide the same level of care and attention to crafting an excellent individual experience that’s right for you.

Our expert team at Evolv Wellness is composed of highly skilled and carefully trained professionals who are passionate about the services they provide. Unlike other areas of expertise, individuals who dedicate themselves to holistic medicine and services tend to be incredibly tied to their beliefs and line of work.

Every single staff member is crucial to our success, and we are all excited to accept new clients. When you visit our center or schedule an appointment with us, we always do everything within our power to help you feel welcomed and comfortable.

Soothing Shiatsu Massage

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