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Our Activated Charcoal Mask & Scrub Can Gently Purify Your Skin

We’re positive you’ve heard of this trendy skincare secret before, but we’re also positive you haven’t tried an activated charcoal mask better than ours. If you’ve been keeping up to date with all the new products and services Evolv has to offer, you know we recently introduced a skincare line from Pure Muddy! One of our absolute favorite gentle skincare products from the collection is a face mask that’ll change your life.

Why Should I Put Charcoal on My Face?

Let’s get one thing straight: the charcoal we’re talking about here is not the same as the one you use in a barbeque grill outside. Activated charcoal has medicinal and cosmetic properties because it is oxidized at a high temperature, unlike regular charcoal briquettes. With that being said, activated charcoal has countless benefits, including teeth whitening, water filtration, and digestive cleansing. It has even more advantages for your skin when used topically, just like in our face mask.

Activated charcoal has been around since as early as 3750 B.C., and the Egyptians used the precious substance for a wide variety of functions—from soothing their intestines to writing on papyrus. Thousands of years later, the Ancient Hindus and Phonecians even discovered the antiseptic properties that activated charcoal has, which gave them cleaner, more pure water.

Today, activated charcoal is everywhere and is in a vast array of products. Although there are plenty of modern-day DIY recipes you can find for your skin, they are usually very limited and frankly one-dimensional. We have the perfect face mask that has even more ingredients that work best with activated charcoal.

charcoal on a wooden spoon
Black charcoal particles on a wooden spoon

The Purest Mask You Can Find

Activated charcoal has tons of benefits for your insides, but it has even more benefits for your skin. Not only does it clean your skin by decongesting and detoxifying, but it also tightens your pores, reduces inflammation, and gives your skin a bright glow. The Pure Muddy Activated Charcoal Mask & Scrub will remove all the excess dirt, oil, and bacteria that give you that stubborn acne and irritation. Because it’s also a scrub, it exfoliates your skin and removes the dead cells that build up over time, giving you a soft and supple complexion. This gentle skincare product even has sugar cane and lemon extract to brighten and smooth, as well as orange extract for its anti-aging properties. When using the mask, we recommend applying it to the face in an even layer, leaving it on for about ten to fifteen minutes, and then rinsing it off once it’s completely dry.

The Follow Up

We also highly suggest you follow up the mask with toner and moisturizer for balance and hydration. Ultimately, this Activated Charcoal Mask & Scrub purifies your skin while purifying the environment too! Pure Muddy is holistic-based and cruelty-free, meaning they never test their products on animals or commit any practices that could harm our beautiful planet.

Gentle Skin Care Products At Evolv Wellness

At Evolv Wellness, we strive to provide you with the most natural, relaxing products and services to make your entire body and mind feel at peace. Our line of gentle skincare products from Pure Muddy that we have at the Center can make your skin the happiest it’s ever been, so don’t hesitate to give it a try! Browse our online shop to see everything we have to offer.