Environmentally-Friendly products

These Products are Good For Your Skin and Good For The Environment

Good For You. Good For Your Skin

Environmentally-friendly products can be way more than just good for Mother Nature. With thousands upon thousands of skincare products out there, you can be fooled into thinking harsh chemicals are suitable for your skin. Instead of grabbing those abrasive face washes and moisture-stripping cleansers, try out the new skincare product line we have here right at Evolv!

Pure Muddy at Evolv Wellness

Pure Muddy is one of our favorite skincare brands at Evolv, and we offer a variety of their gentle, all-natural products. We love their Activated Charcoal Mask and Scrub, which exfoliates that stubborn dead skin while also fighting against acne and irritation. The scrub is filled with the powerful ingredient of activated charcoal, which cleanses and detoxifies your skin without being too rough. The sugar cane extract in the mask also smooths and brightens your skin, giving you a healthy, youthful glow that will last in whatever season.

This Pure Muddy product also has lemon and orange extract, which uplifts your skin and provides it with anti-aging properties. Another mask we love from this environmentally-friendly skincare brand is their Lime and Lavender Mask, which helps to expel those harmful and toxic energies out of your circle. The Australian clay in this mask is perfect for both oily and dry skin, as it softly revitalizes and invigorates a dull-looking complexion. The mask has two essential oils, lavender and lime, that calm your skin, relieve any pain you might have, and promote brighter skin that is healthy and soft.

If you want even more anti-aging powers bestowed upon your skin, you can also try the Facial Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. This special ingredient is sworn by dermatologists to be the best for maximum hydration, and it’s perfect for achieving plump and supple skin. The Pure Muddy serum also has witch hazel, an ingredient that balances your skin’s pH and tightens your pores. Aloe vera and green tea extract are also present in this serum, and they both help to moisturize and reduce inflammation in delicate skin.

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Environmentally-friendly products

Speaking of witch hazel, Pure Muddy also offers an incredible toner that has pure witch hazel, and none of those other harsh chemicals other generic skincare brands provide. If you have especially oily or sensitive skin, you should look into using a toner that will balance your pH and levels of oil. By opening your pores, this product is also great for prepping your skin to absorb the effective ingredients you put on afterward, such as in your moisturizer or serum.

One moisturizer we love at Evolv Wellness is Pure Muddy’s Calendula & Citrus Refreshing Cream. With special brightening effects, this cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin but moisturizing enough for dry, dehydrated skin. With lemon and tangerine essential oils, this cream cleanses, warms, and comforts your skin to restore it and bring it back to life. Shea butter is also rich in moisture and will get rid of those dry, stubborn skin flakes.

Last but not least, Pure Muddy’s Brightening Eye Gel will have you saying goodbye to those under-eye circles. If you have wrinkles, puffiness, or darkness around your eyes (let’s be honest, we all do), this anti-aging and brightening product will be your best friend!

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Try Pure Muddy Today at Evolv Wellness

Two unique formulas, Resistem™ and Matrixyl™ 3000 from Sesderma can significantly reduce those pesky fine lines and wrinkles by regenerating your skin cells. Eyebright extract and vitamin E will also help brighten your skin, even out its tone, reduce puffiness you may have, and balance your skin overall.  At Evolv Wellness, we highly recommend all the Pure Muddy skincare products we provide, and we would love for you to try them out! Stop by our office or visit our website for more information.