Neck Pain Relief

What Is Causing the Kink in Your Neck? Find out How We Can Offer Neck Pain Relief!

Neck Pain Relief

Treatment for Neck Pain

Causes of Kink in Neck

Do you suffer from neck pain? Unfortunately, stress takes a toll on all of our lives. This causes muscles to become tense. People who are stressed have a tendency to shrug their neck and shoulders unconsciously, leading to neck muscle tension. The next day these people often wake up with a pain of a kink in their neck area, and experience pains when the head is turned to the right or left side. However, the main cause isn’t stress. There are a variety of other reasons why a person could suffer from a kink in their neck such as arthritis problems, spasms, poor sleeping position, etc.

It is recommended to avoid sleeping in sitting positions since this can lead to a kinked neck. All of the stressed ligaments in the cervical spine work to get into their proper position while you’re sleeping, and the torn fibers begin to heal. Inflammation occurs around the ligament during this process while the nerves and vertebrae are being pulled. The ligament then begins to heat up to increase the healing process. This can cause twitching and pull in the side of the neck.

Body Positioning

If you wake with a kink in your neck, your mattress could be too soft, or you may be sleeping in an awkward position. Inadequate body positioning often results in a kinked neck, or other muscle aches and pains.


Stress can actually lead to increased kink chances in the neck. When we get anxious or tense, our blood circulation efficiency suffers. This can lead to muscle soreness and pain.

Muscle Spasms

When an individual has a muscle spasm in their neck for any reason, the results can be painful kinking or stiffness. Applying heat to the spasming area helps alleviate inflammation, and reduce pain or soreness.


Arthritis of the neck causes pain, stiffness, or kinks in your neck. Additionally, if you’ve suddenly jerked your neck, this can lead to muscle strain. This causes neck muscles to tighten, and feel knotted.


Eliminate the Pain

There are numerous things you can do to speed up the process to remove stiffness or a kink in your neck:

  • Stretching your stiff neck
  • Take a warm bath
  • Apply heat or cool to your neck with a heating pad or ice pack
  • Take over-the-counter pain relief medication
  • Get a neck pain relief massage
  • Apply balms to your neck
  • Undergo acupuncture
  • Avoid sleeping sitting down
  • Place both feet flat on the floor, if you work at a desk

Basti Massage Therapy

If you are seeking the fastest and most effective way to give your neck relief, then you should consider making an appointment with Evolv Wellness for a neck pain relief Basti massage. A Basti massage from our clinic can help you to get rid of neck pain through the use of warm oil that promotes a faster healing process followed by a relaxing massage to eliminate physical tension.

Many people elect to undergo medical procedures with long recovery times for a fix to alleviate their aches and pains. Basti massage and massage therapy can help to relieve overall pains and kinks in the neck and head non-invasively by moving and manipulating tissues. These techniques aid in helping stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Our specialists will massage your tissues and turn your head to alleviate pains and kinks in the neck. The hot oil of the Basti massage only adds to your relief and reduces inflammation. This helps you, and your muscles enter a relaxed state, and you will be left feeling relief from your pain in a matter of minutes.

Contact Evolv Wellness for more information about therapeutic services that can provide you with neck pain relief! Our policy is that clients come first. We make it our mission to ensure you experience the pain relief you deserve!

Manipulation of the tissues through massage therapy, and reducing inflammation and tension using hot oils during Basti massage can benefit those with stiff, kinked necks. The techniques of massage and physical therapy relax the tissues, reducing painful contractions and spasms while improving the range of motion. These pains and tensions include kinking in the muscle tissues.

Massage therapy improves blood circulation, delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to inflamed and problem areas when experiencing pain and soreness. This stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to areas in pain and helps individuals to recover faster. This increase in circulation improves cellular health and leads to the efficient removal of waste, and increases absorption of fluid while reducing swelling of soft tissues. Through this process, our physical therapist can help alleviate patient pain and induce systematic recovery while helping the afflicted muscle relax.