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Detox Bundle includes Keto-Xcel, Colon Cleanse, and Probiotic 50 Billion.

For those beginning to start their weight loss journey, look no further. Our natural Keto-XCEL burner is a synergistic blend including african mango, ginger and ashwagandha to promote weight loss and lower blood cholesterol levels. When taken daily as directed with a proper balanced diet, our Keto-XCEL formula accelerates the fat burning process while still reassuring bodily gains. 

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes Fat Burning*
  • Helps Reduce Appetite*
  • Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar*

Colon Cleanse (Healthy Elimination)
Description: Colon cleanse is a gentle, safe and effective formula for treating constipation issues and detoxifying the colon. It also helps in reducing inflammation of the intestine and also lubricates it for proper bowel movements. Evolv Colon Cleanse, through its cleansing process, helps restore the integrity of the intestines by purifying the intestinal tract, increasing energy levels from a decrease in toxicity, as well as alleviation of bloating and gas. Increased dosages can treat cases of severe constipation with blockage of the intestines.

Benefits Include:

  • Supports Detoxification*
  • Supports Healthy Digestion*
  • Helps Maintain Regularity*
  • Promotes Healthy Energy Levels*

Probiotic 50 Billion CFU (Ten Strain)

Description: In understanding the beneficial qualities of Probiotics, we must have a conceptual understanding of what a probiotic is. Probiotics denotes, “A substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms.” They are live bacteria that support the continued well-being of the digestive system, or the home of bacterial functions. In doing so, it harmonizes the physical body while supporting a healthy immune system. It also ensures the well-being of the elimination system and, being a living organism, it brings life to our cellular integrity.


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