Head-Q – 90 ct.

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Promotes alleviation of mild upper body pain.*

Head-Q is designed to address symptoms related to the upper body, such as headaches, stiff shoulders, inflammation, and circulation. One important ingredient, Curcuma, could potentially help to regulate Qi energy and invigorate blood circulation.

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INGREDIENTS: Magnolia bark (hou po), Chiang-huo rhizome (qiang huo), Angelica root (bai zhi), Ligusticum root (chuan xiong), Siler root (fang feng), Angelica pubescens root (du huo), Vitex fruit (man jing zi), Kao-pen root and rhizome (gao ben), Curcuma tuber (yu jin), Feverfew herb (Tanacitum parthenium)

Suggested Usage: 3 to 5 tablets, 2 to 3 times a day or as prescribed.

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