Hot Stone Massage

Put the Stress of the Office to Rest With This Effective Massage

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Do you know how bad stress is for the body? It’s pretty bad. Not only does it affect your looks — worry lines, wrinkles, inflammation, acne, rashes — it also takes a massive toll on your mental health and well-being. You can’t expect yourself to thrive, or even continue functioning for that matter, without taking care of yourself too. Treat yourself to one of our Hot Stone Massages here at Evolv Wellness. Let go of stored tension in the body that is not serving you in any way. Get your life back and feel rejuvenated with a Hot Stone Massage. You will not only look and feel a lot better; you will start to be much more productive with all of that renewed energy!


What’s different about a Hot Stone Massage?

A Hot Stone Massage is designed to heal the body where stress has taken over. The stones are heated and bathed in essential oils to release toxins within the body. The stones work their magic by stimulating the circulatory system and untightening the muscles that have been overworked. You may feel guilty about finally taking relaxation into your own hands, but believe that you will be far worse off if you don’t set aside the proper time for yourself. Tense muscles not only leads to tension headaches and potential for injury, but it can also cause you over exhaustion and moodiness as well.  Your mind and your body will thank you for giving them both a break.


Why will a Hot Stone Massage work better for you?

Why get a Hot Stone Massage when you could get a regular massage? A Hot Stone Massage is specific to clearing toxic energy. The heat from the stones also puts a spin on deep tissue massages while the stone placement serves to unleash the tension in certain parts of the body. The essential oils not only put you at ease, but they also work to clear pent-up stress in the muscles and to reconnect with the rhythm of your body.


With all of the proven ways that a Hot Stone Massage effectively resets your mind and body, it is easy to overlook the most significant and purest benefit of a Hot Stone Massage; total and complete relaxation. You need the mental and physical break that a Hot Stone Massage can offer. If you don’t take care of you, then who will? You are the only one who truly knows how long and hard you have been pushing yourself. Isn’t it time to reconnect with your body by putting it at peace? Give your muscles the therapy that they truly deserve and give yourself some love and time off!

Have you been dealing with the physical aftermath of chronic and built up stresses? Is your day-to-day getting harder to drudge through because you are continually wound up and on edge? Here at Evolv Wellness, we have precisely the cure. Hot Stone Massages may be just what you need to unwind and recenter your mind, body, and spirit. Try our effective therapies at Evolv for yourself today and give us a call at (305) 596-0858.