Spa Package Deals

Which Signature Package Is Best for You and Your Needs?

Spa Package Deals

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How have you been longing to feel at peace? This is your sign that you need to take a break, stop what you’re doing and spend an entire day just relaxing. At Evolv Wellness, you will be in a calm and warm environment where you can focus on nothing but the present, we will focus on providing you great Spa Package Deals to help you de-stress. Sometimes stress can give you symptoms that can make you feel perplexed and make you think you have a disease when you really don’t.

Stress is caused by situations we cannot control, it builds up anxiety and causes depression. The amazing thing about our Spa Package Deals is that they help you calm down, reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression. Our therapeutic services are for your own good, they are done to benefit you, and make you feel great physically and emotionally. At Evolv Wellness, we ensure you are put first, you are given the highest quality of service, and you are provided with our relaxing therapeutic services and tips to improve your health.

Our Spa Package Deals include the following Signature packages:

  • Ananda:

    • Promotes healthy blood circulation
    • Relieves fatigue
    • Helps you sleep better
    • Soothes your nerves
    • Oils are used to massage your head, neck, and shoulders.
    • Pressure is applied to certain points to cause a healing effect on your nerves
  • Nirvana:

    • Improves your blood circulation
    • You will be able to sleep much better
    • Promotes stamina
    • Abdominal massage
    • Salt and aromatherapy scrub is used
    • Focuses on your pressure points
  • Samadhi:

    • Supports healthy prana and blood circulation that nourishes the brain
    • Relieves fatigue and promotes a better sleep
    • Enhances complexion of skin
    • Gentle pressure is applied to certain points that help stimulate the nerve to relax you
  • Moksha:

    • Promotes healthy blood circulation
    • Relieves fatigue and promotes a better sleep
    • Includes sweat therapy to promote detoxification
  • Prana:

    • Includes sweat therapy which provides a healing effect and promotes detoxification, as well as rejuvenation.
    • Relaxes your muscles

Pick one or more of our Spa Package Deals today! Get the benefits you need to boost your immune system, improve your health, get rid of toxins, relieve fatigue, help you sleep better, and much more! You can trust our professionals to provide you with the best therapeutic services to help you feel amazing.
Choose our Spa Package Deals to help you relax from all the stressful situations you go through every day, take a break, visit Evolv Wellness! Call today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.