essential oils for focus

3 Go-To Essential Oils That Will Increase Your Focus.

3 Go-To Essential Oils That Will Increase Your Focus.

Essential Oils for Focus




If you’re like us, you’ve caught yourself dazing off into space. Your laptop is open, but your hands aren’t moving. You’re daydreaming about lunch and what color you’re going to paint your nails this weekend. Staying focused is hard these days, but unfortunately, you’re not being paid to daydream. Essential oils have been proven to be a holistic way to keep focused and a natural alternative to caffeine.


Aromatherapy is one of the leading holistic ways of curing everything from sickness to boosting energy levels. Adding essential oils to your routine can help with stress relief, depression, enhancing your immune system, alleviating headaches and more. Most importantly, they can help you stay focused during the workday.


There are several ways to use Essential For Focus, especially at work. If your oil is in a bottle, you can sniff it directly. If it has a rollerball top, you are able to roll it on under your nose discreetly. When you want extra strength, you can rub an essential oil on your chest and upper back giving yourself maximum strength and also making yourself the office air freshener. We’ve gathered a handful of oils that can help you through your week:


Peppermint increases blood flow. It stimulates an individual’s mind which can lead to better concentration and clearer thoughts under pressure. It also helps with memory and will help you stay focused and relaxed as emails pour in. Peppermint also soothes the bowls and clears congestion.


Not only does lavender smell good, it helps you focus on the task at hand. It’s mostly used to help those sleep, but at work, it can be used to promote relaxation. Lavender soothes the mind and is one of the best oils to regulate anxiety. After taking a sniff of lavender, you will be ready to tackle all of the emails in your inbox.


Citrus oils have a reputation for being uplifting. Lemon not only assists in focus and concentration, but it’s also used to boost one’s mood and to reduce the effects of stress. Lemon essential oils also are helpful for those who tend to get stressed completing repetitive tasks or have ADHD. Rubbing lemon oil on your chest can truly aid in your day.

Using essential oils every day can truly make a difference in your workday. Instead of letting your emails pile up because you can’t stay focused on the task at hand, try using lemon, lavender or peppermint oil you can get some work done and not waste your boss’s time.