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Never Had a Spa Appointment? Here Is What You Need to Know!

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At Evolv, we want our valued customers to have a great experience. Our Ayurveda Health Spa in Miami offers a large and complete variety of massages, utilizing the core principles of the ancient tradition. Here we have gathered some steps to prepare for your next massage appointment!

How to Prepare for a Massage

Create an Appointment. We always suggest to call in advance to make your appointment. Especially if you would like any specific day and/or time. Take that time to also clear any questions that you may have, so when you get here, you know it’s only to relax!

Speak to the therapist. Do not be afraid to tell the massage therapist what places you would like them to work on. This information helps them to structure the session according to your needs.

Arrival Time. Arriving late can make it necessary to limit the time for your treatment. In doing so, the next client is not inconvenienced or delayed. To avoid this, please arrive at The Spa reception 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time. This allows for us to accommodate our clients at the appropriate time as not to inconvenience anyone.

Spa attire. Spa attire will be provided for you, but choose what is most comfortable for you. During your therapy our therapists will always use draping techniques to respect your privacy.

Health conditions. It is necessary to communicate your current health conditions as well as any conditions you may be prone to, such as: high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy or any health-related concerns you may have when making your appointment. We strongly recommend the need to avoid the consumption of alcohol or any such narcotics prior to or directly after spa treatments

Enjoy & Relax. Finally, we encourage our clients to rest and forget the stress of the outside world. We want you to take advantage of your time here at Ayurveda Health Spa in Miami, as much as possible.

After the Massage

Hydrate & Eat a Snack. The oils used in the massage treatment have a detox effect, we recommend drinking water after to prevent dehydration. Eating is also recommendable since your digestive system was still working even though you were laying on a bed.

Ayurveda Health Spa in Miami

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