Shoulder Manual Therapy

Signs That You Need Our Neck and Shoulder Manual Therapy!

Shoulder Manual Therapy

A lot of people tend to get neck or shoulder pain and this is the most common types of pain that come from stress. Neck and shoulder pain are also caused by poor posture. Even going to the gym and working out incorrectly can cause neck and shoulder pain! No one wants to be having to constantly be feeling of discomfort with these pains. Our lives are so busy and we’re always on the go that there comes a moment when you just need to stop and relax and get rid of the tension in your body. For that reason, we have our Shoulder Manual Therapy. Don’t worry about that awkward pain any longer and give yourself a moment to just relax.

All for You!

We try our best to provide our clients with every service that can possibly benefit them! This Shoulder Manual Therapy is a treatment that consists of manually adjusting the ligaments and muscles of the neck in order to create pain relief. Massage is used to knead the muscles of the body in order to relieve tension in a particular area of pain. Manipulation, also known as an adjustment, usually involves kneading the joints in order to properly relieve pain and tension from the spinal cord. Finally, mobilization involves mobilizing the joints into certain ranges of motion that will alleviate pain. You deserve to pamper yourself, after all if you have enough stress to cause neck and shoulder pain you’re definitely a hard worker!

Suffering from pain and tension in your neck and shoulder can be disruptive to your daily activities, this is why we came up with our Shoulder Manual Therapy as your solution! Come visit Evolv Wellness and make an appointment!  Call today at (305) 596-0858 to make an appointment.