Ayurvedic Skin Care

How Our Ayurveda Exfoliating Scrub Can Revitalize Your Complexion

Ayurvedic Skin Care

At Evolv Wellness, we believe in seeking out holistic treatments for every aspect of human life and wellbeing. Using holistic treatments, you can care for everything from internal to external health aspects.

This is accomplished using the best herbal medications and treatments. Ayurveda is even an effective source of skincare. Evolv Wellness is proud to provide the best Ayurvedic skincare at our facility.

One treatment specialists know is Udvartana. This is a specialized Ayurveda treatment and involves applying dry powdered herbs onto the skin while anointing with essential oils. Our team specializes in this therapy.

They will apply gentle pressure to stimulate the oil and allow the tissues to absorb deeply. We typically apply a similar therapy, Abhyanga in the same direction as the body hairs, while Udvartana is applied in the opposite direction.

Best Exfoliating Scrub

This treatment is especially beneficial to individuals who experience an imbalance in the body, and wish to reduce their Kapha Dosha. As a result, fatty tissues decrease in quantity, the body stimulates circulation, while experiencing enhancements to the tissues and skin complexion.

Exfoliation should also remain a facet of everyone’s health care routine. While this may seem like a trivial matter, exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the body. These cells could clog pores and lead to further harm to the skin.

It is vitally important to thoroughly exfoliate to achieve a clear complexion. Exfoliation reduces the appearance of blemishes like acne and blackheads while prevention skin dryness.

Not only does Udvartana help exfoliate your skin thoroughly, but it also provides fantastic relaxation properties that will have you feeling at ease in no time at all. We understand how easy it is to lose yourself in our modern stressful, daily grind.

However, it is important to find the time to distress and unwind. Even it seems unfeasible, you can gain numerous benefits from taking the time to revel in the peace and tranquility from one of our Zen therapies.

Udvartana eliminates lymphatic toxins from the body while improving sluggish digestion. These processes balance the Kapha dosha while cleaning the skin. Additionally, Udvartana increases the body’s metabolic rate, enabling gas flow, and stimulating the efficiency of the nervous system.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

Ayurveda imparts several actions to help your skin with clearness, softness, and overall health. Many of these techniques don’t require extensive wealth or chemicals.

Eat Your Vegetables

Your digestion system breaks down vegetables with high water content far easier than other foods. These include pumpkin, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, and spinach. These foods represent Ayurvedic herbal healers that help digestion, purify the blood, and result in younger-looking skin.

Consume Seeds and Nuts

Ayurvedic specialists will often employ seeds and nuts to help improve the overall state of the skin. Nuts and seeds contain essential omega-3s, fiber, and healthy fats.

Drink Some Tea

Sipping on herbal tea will help you to maintain your hydration levels during the day. Teas represent an Ayurvedic specialist’s first choice for warm liquids.

Start or Maintain an Exercise Regimen

Exercise not only helps to stimulate your energy levels and help you feel great. Additionally, a brisk-to-moderate exercise regimen can help progress blood circulation, aid digestion, while making you healthy, young, and full of vigor.


In our modern lives, a high-stress level is extremely common. This stress is not good for overall health. You can help reduce stress and keep yourself calm through breathing exercises and meditation.

Ensure you Sleep Well

Sleep is a vital component to maintaining your overall health. This includes glowing, beautiful skin. Receiving at least seven to eight hours of sleep will help improve the health and overall appearance of your skin.

Best Skin Care

Evolv Wellness employs Udvartana, and numerous other Ayurvedic skin care methods to ensure our client’s optimal skin wellness. Our goal is every one of our clients’ physical, as well as spiritual wellbeing.

For this reason, Evolv utilizes the best Ayurvedic skin care as a natural wellness procedure.

Our Ayurvedic treatments can drastically benefit your skin condition. We understand that looking well is important for many individuals, regardless if for professional, or personal reasons.

However, our Ayurvedic skincare routines work best in partnership with healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy lifestyle adaptations involve eating and maintaining a balanced, nutritional diet, regular detoxification, adequate exercise, ample sleep, as well as spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment.

Maintaining bodily and spiritual balance helps you control your stress levels, and bolsters defenses against outside factors that can result in skin issues.

Who could possibly turn down a session of Ayurvedic skincare that both cleanses the outer skin as well as calms the inner soul? Do you want to remove impurities from your skin while encouraging healthy cell production? The Ayurvedic Udvartana method is the way to go.

Evolv Wellness not only wants you looking well but feeling great as well! This herbal treatment will help you tone your muscles, reduce cellulite, and improve your blood circulation.

For more information on our Ayurvedic facial treatment from Evolv Wellness, contact one of our caring, concerned specialists today. Our modern application of ancient Ayurvedic practices will help you overcome your unfortunate skin conditions.