Complete Spa Package

What Is Included in Our Ananda Signature Package?

Complete Spa Package

Make this holiday season special for you and a loved one by treating yourselves to one of our signature spa packages. This time of the year can be stressful with work and planning, so taking time for yourself to relax is a healing experience. Our Ayurvedic massages use specialized herbs and oils to open up your pores, calm the mind, and soothe your muscles. At Evolv Wellness, our Ananda Complete Spa Package includes several different treatments that work to promote the well-being of your body, physically and mentally.

Here are some of the services that are provided in our Ananda Complete Spa Packages.

Spa Day Deals

  • Reflexology: For thousands of years, it has been believed that certain organs within the body correspond to areas on the feet. By stimulating those points on the feet, you will be able to soothe and heal those organs within the body, as well as make processes within the body work more effectively.
  • Shirodhara: Known as one of the most popular Ayurvedic therapies, Shirodhara uses a combination of herbs and oils to stimulate blood circulation, calm the nervous system, reduce stress, and even prevent hair loss in the scalp.
  • Champi: Also known as an Indian head massage, this treatment relaxes the muscles and helps to realign joints within the body. It has been used by Indian women for thousands of years as a part of their daily beauty routines because it helps to strengthen the hair and give it a healthier look.
  • Abhyanga: This treatment uses blended oils and various stroke techniques to bring healing to your mind, body, and spirit. After this massage, you will feel more well-rested and relaxed than you have in a while. A Complete Spa Package can never be complete without having this therapy done.

At Evolv Wellness, our Ananda Complete Spa Package includes several therapies that will make your mind, body, and spirit feel healed. Our Ayurvedic techniques have been around for thousands of years and still being used with noticeable effects today. If you have any questions about any of our massages and to find out which one is best for you, one of our staff will be more than happy to help you.

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