Scalp Massage Therapy

Kick off Your 2018 by Channeling Your Inner Zen with an Ayurveda Head Massage!

Scalp Massage Therapy

Life can become stressful, especially during the holiday season. If you are looking for a way to take your mind off of school or work, an Ayurvedic head massage is a perfect fit for you. For thousands of years ancient healers have used Ayurvedic methods and herbs in medicines, and we have taken some of their most popular formulas that are still effective today. At Evolv Wellness, our staff has over 20 years of Ayurvedic knowledge and experience so a Scalp Massage Therapy with us will be sure to help you feel your best, not only physically but on a mental and spiritual level as well.

Our Scalp Massage Therapy incorporates Ayurvedic herbs and oils to stimulate energy flow throughout the body, lower blood pressure, and lower your stress levels. Our trained massage therapists are taught the best techniques to ensure that all of our patients feel relaxed and cared for during their appointment. If you or a loved one are looking to have a relaxed start to the new year, then coming in for an Ayurvedic head massage will do just that! If you have been feeling the negative side effects of stress, our treatments provide natural and effective relief.

Indian Massage

In addition to Scalp Massage Therapy, we also provide a variety of other Ayurvedic treatments and services. We offer packages that include several massages and treatments that will benefit the wellbeing of your entire body as well as treat the symptoms of some medical conditions you may be suffering from. For thousands of years Ayurvedic medicine has been used in the Eastern world, and we want our patients in South Florida to experience the benefits of traditional medicine for themselves. If you have any questions about our treatments and how they can benefit you, one of our team members will be happy to assist you in a consultation.

In our offices, we not only care about the well-being of your physical body but we want to help with your emotional wellness as well. Our Ayurvedic treatments such as our Scalp Massage Therapy not only help your muscles to relax but allow your mind to open up and rest from the everyday stress that you have been feeling. It is crucial that people take time for themselves to unwind and relax the mind and you can do just that during any of our various massages and treatments.

Head Massage Benefits

At Evolv Wellness, come in for a Scalp Massage Therapy that will open the mind to rest and relax your muscles. Our team has over 20 years of experience in this field, so you can feel confident in the care and treatment you will receive. If you ever have any questions about our services and how they can benefit you, any of our staff will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss what makes Ayurveda the best choice for your wellbeing. Start off the new year right with relaxing massage therapy with our team and you will want to keep coming back.

Take time for yourself to relax and feel rested to start off the year! Schedule your Scalp Massage Therapy or any other Ayurvedic treatments by calling us today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment online!