Best Ayurvedic Spa in Kendall

Single This Valentines Day? Treat Yourself to an Amazing Ayurvedic Spa Day!

Best Ayurvedic Spa in Kendall

Are you going to be single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t feel sad or ashamed, but instead enjoy these holidays about love, by loving yourself! So many people think that Valentine’s Day has to be about couples, but it really is not. Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the people you love, and if you love yourself, then you are spending your Valentine’s Day the right way too! In fact, at Evolv Wellness, we love when people come into our spa for a day just to themselves where they can enjoy any spa treatment and relax. We are the Best Ayurvedic Spa in Kendall for a reason: we have the best team and services to give you an amazing day, no matter if there is a holiday or not!

Top Spa Services

What are some of the spa services offered?

Ayurvedic Head Massage: This amazing ayurvedic spa treatment is a great way to take your mind off any stress you might have this Valentine’s Day. Our head massage treatment is a great way to soothe your nerves and is perfect for your Valentine’s spa day!

Deep Tissue Massage: Have muscle tension you want to get rid of? This massage will make you feel like a whole new person once you’re done! Our deep tissue massage stimulates circulation to help you feel and stay relaxed all day.

Acupuncture: If you are looking to not only feel relaxed but centered on Valentine’s Day, then acupuncture can help! Our professional acupuncturist is skilled in the art of acupuncture and can help take all your worries away with this peaceful spa treatment. Who needs a date on Valentine’s Day when you can just get acupuncture?

Cupping: Cupping is such a special treatment to receive, because it is an internally centered treatment that can help your overall wellness. This is a great spa treatment to receive on Valentine’s Day, because it can prepare you for the day in a natural way.

Rasayana: We are the Best Ayurvedic Spa in Kendall because we offer amazing ayurvedic treatments, like Rasayana! This treatment is what we recommend to any customer looking to mentally and physically reduce their stress levels. It is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh your body for a peaceful and calm result.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or in a relationship! This is a holiday to show yourself some love and show others the same love they show you. Skip the sappy movies, and the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to make an appointment for your amazing Ayurvedic Spa Day. We can guarantee you’ll feel pampered and stress-free! For more information, call us at 305-596-0858 today!