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Juicing Isn’t The Only Way to Detox: Try a Detox Massage

Detoxing Through Massage

You’ve heard of juicing, right? With hundreds of popular recipes and diet books out there swearing by this ultimate way of detoxing, juicing seems like the perfect weight loss solution. If losing weight is as easy as putting a fistful of kale in a high-powered blender, then how hard can it be? Although juicing has its many detoxing benefits, our detox massages, specifically our lymphatic drainage massage, takes weight loss to a whole new level.

What is a detox massage?

If you’ve already been consuming a detoxifying diet but haven’t seen that many changes, a lymphatic drainage massage could be just what you need to jumpstart those results! What in the world even is a detox massage, though? Just like regular detox diets that you ingest, a detox massage helps rid your body of harmful toxins so you can have the ultimate form of physical and mental health.

As mentioned before, lymphatic drainage massages can work in tandem with your new diet to help you lose even more weight and keep it off for good. However, detox massages aren’t just great for your weight loss plans, they can also build up your immune system, decrease your stress, and give your body better circulation if you start receiving detox massages regularly.

A lymphatic drainage massage digs deeper

A lymphatic drainage massage primarily focuses on, you guessed it, the lymphatic system. Through a deep tissue massage, we will relax your muscles, your mind, and boost your body’s natural detoxing system to get all those artificial ingredients, pesticides, and harmful toxins flushed out of your body. With increased blood circulation, more oxygen will be able to reach your organs, giving your body an increased ability to absorb nutrients from food, while also eliminating more toxins.

This detox massage can also help to strengthen and relax your muscles by putting pressure on them, stretching them, and relaxing them. Through our techniques of using alternating pressure, our detox massage can help your body’s muscles work better and become stronger for your lymphatic system and other bodily systems.

Although your body already disposes of its waste through these systems, an extra boost can help your weight loss as there is usually extra weight attributed to the toxins that enter your body. Because of this, the lymphatic system needs oxygen and strong muscles to function properly, and a massage can help your body have just that. A lymphatic drainage massage will also help your body eliminate waste faster, literally draining you so that all the waste doesn’t stay inside you and give you extra weight.

Therapeutic massage for senior woman by beautician at spa salon. Closeup of professional masseuse hands massaging woman legs at the wellness center. Anti-cellulite treatment and leg drainage on mature woman.

Even if you haven’t started your new and improved diet, you can still get a headstart on your weight loss journey through a detox massage, all while feeling relaxed and calm. The crazy, restrictive diets by themselves will leave you feeling exhausted and weak, but with a healthy diet of nutritious food, some detoxifying juicing, and an easy regimen of getting some of the many lymphatic drainage massages we offer, you can be on your way to losing weight in no time.

Lymphatic drainage massage at Evolv Wellness

At Evolv, we want to help you achieve the weight loss goals of your dreams, while also staying mentally and spiritually healthy. By balancing your body, mind, and spirit, weight loss will be that much more effective and permanent. Contact us to schedule an appointment and check out our website to find out more about our weight loss plans!