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What Services Are Offered at Our Spa?

Kendall Wellness Spa

Ayurvedic Massages in Kendall

Our Healing Therapeutic Services

One of the things that makes the Kendall Wellness Spa at the Mahima Center so unique is its wide variety of pampering services that they offer. Most spas nowadays don’t offer many different types of services that pamper you so creatively and effectively.

What services do we offer?

All types! We offer all sorts of services from Ayurvedic massages to Acupuncture and Abhyanga to Basti Therapies. We pride ourselves on all of our unique services because of the great reviews we get from our customers.

Here a a few unique services that you won’t find anywhere else:

Kati-Basti-{lumbar-rejuvenation} , Kendall Wellness Spa

Basti Therapies:

  • Naval Therapy for Emotional Release
  • Eye Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Heart Balancing and Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Neck Relief
  • Lumbar Rejuvenation Therapy


Pitta-{abhyanga} , Kendall Wellness Spa

Pada (Foot Reflexology):

  • Shila (Hot Stones)
  • Vata
  • Kapha
  • Pitta
  • Marma (Marma Points)


Shirodhara Therapies in Miami , Kendall Wellness Spa
Shirodhara Therapies in Miami

Shirodhara Therapies:

  • Shiro-Abhyanga ( Massage)
  • Shiro-Marma ( Pressure Points)
  • Shiro Reflexology- (Pada)
  • Shirodhara ( Third Eye)



These holistic and unique services are what pull us aside from many spas. They often only offer massages and acupuncture to help with stress, but at the Kendall Wellness Spa, you can guarantee safe and effective, and creative, services. The Kendall Wellness Spa understands the importance of receiving high quality and relaxing services and from getting the best and most unique treatment in Miami.

To receive the best massages in Kendall, visit the Kendall Wellness Spa for the best treatments, massages, acupuncture, and ayurvedic treatments in Miami.

If you are interested in having a relaxing moment with one of our unique and special services. Call Today at (305) 596-0858 or Click Here for the Mahima Center Location.