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What Is Our Neck and Shoulder Manual Therapy? Is It Right for You?

Massage Therapy in Miami

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Stress May Cause Pain

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain? Do you get tension headaches? The most common types of pain actually arise from stress. People who are constantly working under pressure and are not used to it will probably feel more stress than those who don’t. If you’re constantly running a lot of errands, you also have to ensure you’re doing everything on time. Without any energy, your productivity and efficiency in doing chores decrease. Suffering from chronic shoulders and neck pain that come from stress slow you down as well. Many times we may be feeling stressed and not notice it. Take a minute now to relax your shoulders and neck. How good did that feel? Releasing the tension does not only feel good but improves your health. A Massage Therapy in Miami will alleviate the pain, release the tension and relax your muscles.

How Does a Massage Benefit You?

Neck and shoulder pain are also caused by poor posture. How is your posture while you’re currently sitting or standing? Do you sit up straight when you eat, do you stand up straight when you walk? Your muscles become tight when your posture is off. Doing physical activities the wrong way can cause neck and shoulders as well. Muscle strain coming from lifting weights incorrectly can be deteriorating. Many athletes make sure they receive a massage right after their activity since it helps reduce the risks of injury. Massages work great in every occasion, not just for eliminating pain from muscle tension.

A Healing Neck and Shoulder Therapy

If you’re currently suffering from upper body pain then our Neck and Shoulder Manual Therapy is just for you! This Massage Therapy in Miami comprises of massage, manipulation, and mobilization. In the massage process, our therapists focuses in releasing tension and eliminating produced muscle knots from stress. The manipulation part adjusts your joints in order to safely relieve pain from the spinal cord. The last part of our Massage Therapy in Miami is the mobilization which works to move the joints into certain ranges of motion to also relieve pain and tension.

Suffering from neck and shoulders pain and tension can be disrupting to your daily activities which is why we came up with our Neck and Shoulders Massage Therapy in Miami as your solution! Call today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.