Reflexology Foot Therapy

Always on Your Feet? How Can Reflexology Help?

Reflexology Foot Therapy

Feet Pain Relief

Different Sore Feet Treatments

Being constantly standing on your feet can be stressful. You may be required to wear specific types of shoes for your job, or your work probably demands a lot of walking. Aside from pain on your feet, standing all day can lead to pain in your legs and back. A pain that runs through your whole body which is not enjoyable and make your day more stressful. Wearing the right shoes that fit well and you find comfortable can maximize your feet pain relief. However, this may not be always the issue. Putting your entire weight on your feet can be impacting on your body. Another great relief is stretching, if you have the time. Stretching your calves can be really helpful in releasing the tense muscles. A temporary relief can truly light up a part of your day, but nothing can boost your mood like Reflexology Foot Therapy does!

What Happens When Sore Feet Are Not Treated?

Our professional massage therapists can provide you with a healing to your sore feet. Blood circulation is largely reduced when a person stands up for a long time leading to foot pain. At Mahima Center, we want to ensure the health of our clients are largely improved instead of deteriorated.  Preventing certain health problems such as flat feet, edema, plantar fasciitis and more, our therapists utilize Reflexology Foot Therapy to treat your feet problems. Don’t settle for sore feet, come by our Wellness center and receive your healing Reflexology Foot Therapy!

Improving Your Entire Health

Our Reflexology Foot Therapy focuses in applying pressure to specific points in your legs and feet for a complete healing. It is believed that the pressure applied in specific parts of your feet have a relation with parts of your body. Your feet corresponds to certain organs which is why our massage therapists not only focus in healing your sore legs and feet but your entire body. Through our foot reflexology you will receive health benefits such as stress relief, decreased anxiety, improved organ function, better blood circulation, increased energy levels and much more!

Treat your sore feet that are caused from prolonged standing to prevent future health problems through our Reflexology Therapy at Mahima Center! Call today at (305) 596-0858 or click here to make an appointment.



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