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Shirodhara Therapies in Miami

Fight Stress

Stress is defined as anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being. While some stress helps to motivate us to get things done.  Other levels of stress that pose a challenge or a threat to our well-being can make us feel completely overwhelmed and helpless.  In today’s society, where everything is so fast-paced and most of us are over-worked and undernourished. Proper stress management may feel like an unattainable goal. When overstressed, one can experience various symptoms like a rise in blood pressure, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, digestive problems, suppressed immune system, problems sleeping, and tense muscles. These symptoms are just the beginning, prolonged intense stress can lead to more serious health problems.  Like heart disease, frequent headaches, hypertension, and digestive dysfunction. While it is impossible to avoid stress completely, we can learn to properly manage it.

Eliminate your Stress

Stress does not have to overtake our life, health, and happiness.  Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system of healing and the oldest form of medicine that addresses the whole complete approach to living life.  Ayurvedic medicine focuses on treating our bodies with balance and nutrients in order to achieve optimal mental and physical health.  Sometimes we are too busy to acknowledge the effects of stress on our bodies.  That nagging feeling you feel sometimes or that over-anxious sensation that rattles your nervous system. It could be a minor ache, a little headache, or emotional sensitivities. These symptoms are related to an internal imbalance caused by different daily stressors.

We Provide Stress-Relief Supplements!

Our wellness center in Miami offers 100% natural, Ayuverdic supplements to help get stress under control. Fight stress with Shirodhara Therapies in Miami. Samadhi {Bliss} is a modified, old family proprietary formula made of Standardized Herbal Extractions of high potency.  Which allows for maximum effectiveness and quick results without any side-effects.  Lack of proper nutrients can leave us defenseless when it comes to true stress management. Re-Juvenate {Formula} is the basis of all of Evolv‘s formulas, it is a delicious tasting blend of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

It is uniquely formulated to maximize its ingredient’s innate capacity to help us replenish and restore our health to a state of wellness and harmony.  While following the principles of Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine’s Philosophies and Practice. This formula utilizes the principle of treating the mind, the body, and the inner self.   A favorite amongst female patients at Evolv Wellness is Relaxed Wanderer.  It is used primarily to soothe an overly rigid liver and to nourish a weakened stomach and spleen. Often used for occasional irritability, headaches, dizziness, and tiredness. Very useful for supporting menstrual regularity, stress, minor pains, and breast distention associated with menstruation.

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