panchakarma treatment for hair loss

Starting to Feel the Breeze on Your Head? A Shirodhara Massage Can Fix That!

Losing Your Hair?

As we enter the summer months, the sun intensifies and begins affecting our bodies in ways we can never comprehend. We all understand how our skin reacts to excessive sun exposure. However, did you know that exposure to the summer sun can lead to our hair becoming dry and brittle?

Dry and brittle hair often results in split-ends, breaking, and can even lead to hair loss. If you color your hair with dye, sun exposure can also cause this look to fade.

The most common problem faced by individuals all around the world is hair loss. In America, we often attribute this to a stressful or hectic lifestyle, however, the sun only exacerbates this situation. Additionally, the presence of excess Pitta Dosha in the body also contributes to hair loss.

At Evolv Wellness, we provide a Shirodhara massage as a part of our Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss. Our specialists believe that you can control your hair loss through a comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment utilizing the Shirodhara massage and its medicated oil, herbs, and aromatherapy.

Shirodhara Massage for Hair Loss

In a Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss, a Shirodhara Massage is considered a unique purification therapy. After all, Shirodhara derives from the Sanskrit words Shiro, meaning head as well as dhara, meaning flow.

Evolv Wellness involves Shirodhara Massage as a part of Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss involving a comprehensive bodily cleanse to eliminate any present toxins. We accomplish this by gently pouring medicated liquids over the forehead.

Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss Procedure

The medicated liquids we use include rosewater, saffron, coconut water, or plain water, in addition to black sesame and herbal oils, and also buttermilk and medicated milk.

During your Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss, we will lie you down and pour a stream of these warm herbal liquids over your forehead. The therapeutic oils rhythmically flow through your scalp and into your hair. The mild pressure and flow of this oil will help you rejuvenate as well as relax.

A regular Shirodhara Massage increases your blood’s circulation while helping to remove doshas in your body. The treatment effectively helps you treat your hair loss by maintaining your body’s natural balance and stimulating hair growth. After a Shirodhara Massage, you can have beautiful, soft, and luxurious hair!

This treatment is intended to help you enter a state of complete relaxation, balancing your body, mind, and spirit. The environment that we provide for a Shirodhara treatment is also conducive to this state, enabling you to access your intuition and relax your mind.

Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss imparts significant benefits for the overall health of your scalp and hair. Although these oils all possess their individual properties, the combination of Shirodhara Massage directly integrates with your bodily tissues, providing your scalp with moisture and nourishment!

While Ayurveda is unable to reverse hair loss entirely or promote growth in spots that are altogether bald, our Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss supports those with thinning hair by nourishing your scalp and strengthening your hair follicles. The treatment represents an ideal option for individuals afflicted with dandruff, dry scalp, dry, or brittle hair.

Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment from Evolv Wellness

Evolv Wellness is fully equipped to perform an exceptional Panchakarma Treatment for Hair Loss. Contact us to find out more about how we can custom-tailor your Shirodhara Massage treatment to suit your specific dosha type.