Reflexogy massage

How Reflexology Massages Benefit Those Who Work On Their Feet

Time for a Foot Massage?

Most of us work for a living. Some of us have the luxury of sitting in an office being surrounded by great people, and others are required to stand on their feet all day in positions like retail. Retail jobs can take a toll on your entire body, not just your feet. Standing all day wearing the wrong shoes can cause foot pain, but also pain in the back and shoulders if you’re constantly moving. Being in pain is not ideal, and Reflexology is suggested.

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Reflexology for Feet

What Makes Our Pada Foot Reflexology So Effective? Find Out Now!

Reflexology for Feet

If you are suffering from an ailment such as migraines, sinus issues, sleep troubles, or others that are not being alleviated by traditional medicines, then reflexology may be for you. For centuries it has been believed that specific reflex points on the foot correspond to different areas of the body. For example, the toes correspond to the sinus and the heel corresponds to the pelvis. At Evolv Wellness, our Pada Reflexology for Feet has many benefits for your body and relaxes the mind. This ancient treatment has been around for centuries, so we know just how effective it is!

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