Post-Thanksgiving Detox: How to undo everything you just ate

Counteract This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast

We’re sure your Thanksgiving celebration was amazing. You probably started at your family’s house and ate your mom’s smoked pork and chased down a few beers with your uncle before heading over to three more friend’s houses that offered “Friendsgiving.” You even took the time to make a few to-go plates to last you through the week at work, but in all honesty, you overate, ruining all the hard work you put in last month at the gym.

After a Thanksgiving feast (or two) you have a few options: You can either own up to your poor decision to eat for three, attempt to work it off at the gym the next day or try a detox to give you a fresh start into the new year. When most think of detoxing, nothing good comes to mind. There are hundreds of Detox items sold over the counter that contain chemicals and toxins that can irritate your insides.

What are Detox Pills:

Detox pills are capsules filled with ingredients that trick your body into releasing all of the toxins or unwanted food you digested by giving it a rear exit. These bills can be harmful, as everybody is different and the same results aren’t guaranteed for all. Over-the-counter Detox pills can often cause side effects including dizziness, chills, outbreaks, diarrhea, or even vomiting. In all, we rather help you go through your Thanksgiving Detox safely.

At Evolv Wellness, we pride in holistic measures that work with your body rather than giving clients a one-fixes-all supplement. Our Colon Cleanse is an all-natural supplement that can help with constipation or jumpstart your weight loss journey with a Thanksgiving Detox.

The Colon Cleanse is a gentle, safe, and effective formula that helps in reducing inflammation of the intestine and also lubricates for proper bowel movements. In all, this product will make you go. Increased dosages can treat cases of severe constipation and blockage of the intestines which go beyond a simple Thanksgiving Detox.

The Colon Detox:

The Colon Detox includes natural ingredients unlike many over the counter detox pills you can find at a local drug store. It includes Kumari, Fennel, Anise, Trivruth, and Psyllium, all-natural ingredients ensuring a natural release. Not only does the Colon Detox support detoxification and healthy digestion, but it also helps maintain that regularity allowing your body to adjust to regular bowel movements.

The highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists at Evolv Wellness recommend adults taking 1-2 capsules two times a day after your feast this holiday season to jumpstart your Thanksgiving Detox. You can also continue to take the Colon Cleanse weekly for an extra boost.

We don’t want you to feel guilty for time spent with family, good food, and relaxation during the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to great food, but we also want you to keep a note of the early New Year’s resolution you made to yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the Colon Cleanse from Evolv, we can ensure a safe and effective jump start to your weight loss journey and Thanksgiving Detox. Schedule a consultation with a specialist, and grab the Colon Cleanse in our online store.