These Holistic Medicines can Help With Seasonal Depression

Feeling Down? Try Holistic Medicine

Winter is right around the corner, and it only means one of these three things: slightly colder weather in Miami, a reason to cuddle up with your loved ones, and winter blues that come with the season. These “winter blues” are much more than just a mood. How you are feeling can directly relate to depression that switches on and off with the season. Although the diagnosis of depression can be thrown around a lot during the holidays, Seasonal Affective Depression is a real thing and should be treated seriously.

What is seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression is a type of depression that is related to the changes in the season. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) begins and ends around the same time every year. Most people experience SAD symptoms in the fall months, and it continues into the winter. This is what most experiences called “winter blues.” Although it is possible, SAD depression occurs in the spring or early summer.

Signs and symptoms of SAD may include:

Feeling depressed every day
Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed
Having low energy
Having problems with sleeping
Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight
Having difficulty concentrating
Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide

There are several ways to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, which range in light therapy, medication, and psychotherapy, but we at Evolv Wellness opt to use holistic medicine to treat symptoms of winter blues.

Here are a few options of Holistic Medicine that can help treat your Seasonal Affective Disorder:


Seasonal depression is not a condition that can be treated overnight. It carries symptoms that can be affecting your health and you may not realize it. The Samadhi stress reliever can help with this. At times, we are too busy to acknowledge these signs and take them for granted as being mild disharmonies.  With proper care, our lives are happier and richer, and our surroundings will become and feel a lot more pleasant.

Samadhi can be taken every day by mouth to help cure the symptoms of seasonal depression. Samadi is a modification of an old family formula made of Standardized Herbal Extractions of high potency and great quality, which allows for maximum effectiveness and quick results without any side effects. This is a unique combination of ancient Ayurvedic Herbs for the treatment of Stress and Emotional Imbalances.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm is another supplement provided at Evolv Wellness that can help you cope with Seasonal Affective Depression. The holistic medicine inside Keep Calm actively helps with mood swings, low energy and can improve focus. In all, Keep Calm supports a positive mood and helps relieve frustration. The veggie capsules are vegan and gluten-free allowing you to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle but kick your Seasonal Affective Depression as well.

Easy Wanderer

Easy Wanderer also helps fight Seasonal Depression through Holistic Medicine. It helps unblock the energetic frustrations and emotions allowing us to see clearly while we can assimilate and digest physically and emotionally. It also brings about that inner sense of happiness and tranquility.

Listen, Seasonal Affective Depression is a condition we at Evolv Wellness want you to help you curve. Through Holistic Medicine, your symptoms of sadness can be kicked. Visit our online shop to learn more about Holistic Medicine and how it can help.