Therapeutic Massage

Your Back To School Ritual Should Include A Therapeutic Massage

Treat Yourself to a Therapeutic Massage

Everyone has their own small rituals that ease the burden of going back to school. Some people may buy new sets of school supplies, while others might perfect the perfect outfit or hairstyle for the first day. Some people, however, have more holistic back to school rituals, including a therapeutic massage.

After all, students are starting a whole new year, with new professors, new classmates, new buildings, and complicated new schedules. My back-to-school ritual was going to campus a few days before the semester began to find out where all of my classes would be so that I wasn’t late for my first day of class.


For many of us, therapeutic massages can be a great addition to the back to school ritual, with their stress-relieving and relaxing properties. Massages have been proven to be one of the best stress relief options open to us, easing pain and creating a whole-body sense of well-being. Here are a few massages that can help you perform your best as you begin the school year.


For the newbie: Swedish Massage


If you are new to the world of massages, one of the best stress relievers is the Swedish Massage. This massage ranges from soft to medium pressure, consisting of long, soothing strokes to induce relaxation of mind and body. The benefits of a Swedish Massage include easing mental stress and stimulating circulation. This massage is especially suitable for whole-body relaxation and stress relief without being too painful for first-timers.


For the expert: Abhyanga


For those who are more familiar with massage, the Abhyanga massage is a fantastic one to begin the school year. This style of massage hones in on your body type with a selection of herbal oils selected for your body type to relieve fatigue and promote stamina. After this massage, you will wake up refreshed and balanced on your first day! 


For those with stress headaches: Ayurveda Head Massage (Champi)


Many of us are prone to stress headaches when the responsibilities of adult life start to pile up. The western world discovered Champi massages when British businessmen in India started to use local barbers. Since then, Champi style massages exploded in popularity, even becoming the root word for “shampoo.” For those whose stress goes directly to their head, a Champi massage is a perfect mitigator. This massage uses a blend of oils combined with a vigorous massage to nourish the scalp and hair while easing anxiety and helping to increase focus. What better way to help reduce the jitters of a starting semester?


For those with tense shoulders: Shiatsu Massage


If you’ve ever carried a heavy backpack for hours, you might be familiar with the way that knots can build up and create pain in your shoulders. Why not soothe your pain with a Shiatsu massage? This massage derives its name from the Japanese word for “finger pressure” and specializes in targeting pressure points to relieve knots and tension. This massage is perfect for students who are sitting at desks all day and carrying heavy books. 


Therapeutic Massage at Evolv Wellness


Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage

Finding the right massage for you can help you enter the semester with the right attitude, increased energy, as well as better sleep. Between buying textbooks and choosing classes, take a moment for self-care and treat yourself to the perfect back-to-school therapeutic massage!